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  1. Really hoped it was that easy..

    I tried your solution but did noting for me. I changed my stores path from :



    its direct path :
  2. That example :

    Seems to work fine.. could it be something with the server the data is coming from?
    Still no clue whats wrong with the...
  3. The code from the kitchensink does work but that is loading from a static json. In a other thread about this we found out that serving the file as static json whitout generating it from a webservice...
  4. Ok thnx, glad to hear that someone else is facing this problem. Premium Forums would be the best place to get to the bottom of this bug.

    Let me know! thnx
  5. To get the static file I runt my webservice script from within the browser wich outputs the JSON. Copy all of the json code and placed in to make sure its valid and it formats it...
  6. You can also remove store.sync(); cause it's not necessary to sync the store with an online proxy.
  7. Fixed the issue !

    My json returned has a totalRecords and results item. In my model their is no totalRecords. So i fixed it by loading only the results.

  8. Did you manage to fix this? I'm having the same problem , I got the returned data from the ajax request but can't get it into the store and reload the list ...

    My code :

    var sCustomers...
  9. You could for example make a default form with a button under it.
    In the button handler you run the function form.submit where you make an ajax call to check your data. All form fields will get...
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    Maybe this is a noob question but i can't get it to work...
    I want to change view after a check if sessionstorage is set.

    The check seems to work but the moment of changing view gives me errors....
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    Found out it automaticly inserts limit 25 and start in the query string. So if your webservice handles this query string like mine did it will limit the result on 25.

    You can overrule it by giving...
  12. Ok that title is a bit vage but i didn't know how to descripe it ....

    I'm having an inlog screen wich checks on the serverside if a user is valid. When he is it returns json data of the user and...
  13. You should try to resolve it when you create the xml file on the serverside.
    With php for example.
  14. Thnx Tomalex0 that worked perfectly.

    It does however break some of the html symantic but i can live with that.
    Cause with getItemTextTpl it works within the span of the body list item.

  15. Yeah i think i have to overwrite something while rendering the page but no idea how ... :-?
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    I'm having a tab layout with an form in one of the tabs. I'm sending the data to the view with the updateWithRecord function.

    The data is being received and i can update a template for...
  17. If i do that all the arrows are gone. I do want to show them when an item is not a leaf, so it shows that you can go deeper in the nested list.

    Hopefully it's more clear now :)

    Thanks for your...
  18. Hi all,

    I have a nested list with disclosure arrows. The disclosure arrows give the user the ability to go deeper in the list and clicking the item will show the details of the item.

    But the...
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    Managed to get the data remotely by doing a ajax call.

    But still like to have this data offline availible. And its weird that a store only holds 25 records by default.

    Any suggestions?
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    I have a store which loads a ajax request with about 3000 records. But only 25 get saved in the store ...

    When i enable paging plugin it works and it loads 25 more records. Not sure if it...
  21. After some more searching on this problem i found out that it goes wrong when the data gets parsed with php.

    The strange part is when i save the generated json as a static file it does work on...
  22. Solved it by giving the complete obj to the detail view instead of only the id and go look in the store again for the object.

    1 less request and seems to work :D

    Index file

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    I think you should either use direct url's to the icon or use the mask way.

    so how you work now you only add the argument iconMask: true; and the icon will display.
    Otherwise add the absolute...
  24. To be exact in my case it has nothing to do with running in offline mode. Even online it has troubles with reading my served json from a server. But works fine when its a static file.
  25. I'm having the same problem see thread : My-nested-list-doesn-t-showup-on-iPhone-iOS-but-does-work-in-safari

    Still no solution but i checked the input you guys gave and its true ... When i serve...
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