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  1. Ok, I fixed my problem by setting triggeraction to ALL. Seems like such a trivial thing :)

    Thank you for the help sven!
  2. My application uses the MVP pattern and loads the store through an RpcProxy, it would not be easy to provide a slimmed-down testcase with all that in place.
    But, your point may have some merit - the...
  3. Apparently the typeahead function of the combobox is the problem. When that is set to false, it works like it should. This solves the problem for comboboxes with small data sets, but for other ones I...
  4. Hi all,

    I have a few comboboxes on my page that are loaded through stores. My presenter calls setValue and setOriginalValue to fill in the initial values. I would expect, when expanding that...
  5. Hello,

    I'm using gwtupload as a file upload solution in my application, however, it only accepts GWT buttons as arguments to submit the file to the server.
    Now I'm left with two choices: either I...
  6. sven, thanks a bunch for your response!
    I went with a HttpProxy instead and that works like a charm =)
  7. Hello,
    I'm having some trouble with the ComboBox. My response from the server is valid and looks okay when going to the url with a browser. The ComboBox is stuck on 'Loading...' however.

    This is...
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