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  1. You are right! I put 4000 delay and it works. Thanj you!
    Anyway I'm still sure this is a bug which should be fixed.
  2. It seems quite strange. If I pause script execution anywhere in this code, everything seems ok - responseText and result looks good and script works.
    If I just execute the script without using Opera...
  3. I checked everyting and should say iframe is loaded without any problem. Iframe contents is ok. The same contents works in any other browser. So I should say it seems to be a bug.
  4. Ok, I'll try. The only thing I know is that the response is absolutely OK. I checked that with sniffer and at least that works in any other browser.
  5. Hello.

    I have a problem appeared in Opera 10 only. I have a form with uploadFile:true I'm submitting and waiting for the answer:

    new Ext.FormPanel({
  6. The answer is:

    Ext.override(Ext.form.Field, {
    validate : function(){
    if(this.disabled ||...
  7. I have FormPanel with a number of textfields. All of them has allowBlank:false. And one more thing that some of them are hidden. When I submit form using Ajax, it doesn't do anything because of the...
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