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  1. thanks that worked !
  2. goof information thanks!
    my project doesn't even have this file. ( .sencha/app/ ) Did you create the file yourself ?
  3. Replies
    a small example would be very helpful.
  4. i guess noone knows, hence no answers.
    having to change manually is kinda ridiculous.
  5. no worries, Maybe I was naive to think it was a simple task of doing this. A lot of the mobile frameworks (jquery Mobile, jqMobi, etc) launch the native Android component on a 'select' list, just...
  6. Really? I cant just use the default android picker? Ok I guess we'll use jquery mobile since they have
    this as 'out of the box'.
    Good to know for future projects. Thanks
  7. the manifest file generated 'cache.appCache' does not work on the default Android browser, it needs to be cache.manifest.
    Where do I change this setting so that when I build a 'production' instance,...
  8. I have a basic 'selectfield' that i want to show as the native Android picker on my device.(galaxy s3).
    right now it looks like the ios version or if I set 'showPicker' to false, it shows a list,...
  9. I had the same issues.
    Sencha by default names the manifest file cache.appCache.
    Some Android browsers don't like this (Galaxy S3).
    Change the name of the file to 'cache.manifest' . That worked...
  10. oddly enough, i got this to work after cleaning up a few syntax errors that went undetected by the command tool.
    Not much help but it works now.
  11. Hi,
    My app was created using Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.230, i am now trying to build it via
    'sencha app build testing'.
    The command runs succesfully, builds the test directory etc, but there is no code...
  12. ahh thanks so much!
  13. thanks
  14. Thanks, but now I get the error
    'Unable to locate 'app.dir' config property from sencha.cfg' when i try to run
    'sencha app build production' from the 'public' folder.

    It's basically because...
  15. HI , I am trying to build the Watchlist app with the given insructions at
    I am using sencha-touch-2.1.0-rc2 and Cmd v3.0.0.230.

    Docs say to create a test...
  16. thanks!
  17. worked :)
    thanks mitchell !

    is there a doc somewhere that shows the differences , or not published yet ?
  18. Just to test, use the exact instructions over at!/guide/command

    run '' sencha generate model User --fields=id:int,name,email "

    I get this error :
  19. Can someone help me find the new location for all the sass mixins/variables ?

    the old link: is broken.

  20. still 404 error !
    where is this resource now, thanks
  21. gr8 thanks, i'll check those events out.
  22. Hi, I am trying to emulate an infinite scroller in my dataview and was hoping there was a way to detect when scrolling was at the end of a container/dataview.
    any help would be much appreciated....
  23. ok thanks, that's what I was afraid of : )
    I thought i read somewhere that this could be done, but of course I can't remember where i saw it.
  24. Hi,
    Is it possible to open an .ics file from within a sencha app, so that it opens the file of the native calendar ?
    if so please point me in the right direction.
    i am not using phonegap.
  25. I have ripped out all the 'tap' code in my project because the client would not accept the performance of itemtap/tap events in Sencha. I have since changed everything to using touchstart/touchmove...
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