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  1. Hi posta07,

    thanks alot.

  2. I took out the cypal studio plugin in my eclipse and use gwt+gxt in a Java Project.
    The generated html files are much smaller as you did, about 300K. That's perfect for me. thanks a lot, guys.
  3. thanks,
    I am trying and will be back.

  4. I use windows xp and gwt 1.5.2, crypal studio plugin, gxt 1.1.1.

    Is it possible because of crypal studio plugin, which requires tomcat 5 (servlet 2.4)?
    By the way, Can I use gwt+gxt in tomcat6?
  5. and here it's the screenshot about compiled files.
  6. Hi gslender,

    here it's my source code.
  7. Hi,

    I am newcomer about gxt and extjs.
    I did a small test which contains a TabPanel which has two tabs. and each tab contains a BorderLayout. To my surprise, the generated .cache.html files are...
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