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  1. the placeHolder config should work

    placeHolder: '(Select your state)'
  2. The folder structure of the apps generated from the SDK tools and those from Architect are currently not aligned. Luckily the build tools are driven by a very simple json file and you can easily add...
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    You can use the chart class directly without using chart.Panel. I took the bar chart example and quickly moved it over to a plain panel and it works fine without the additional title bar.

  4. the filter feature of the grid is not something built-in to the framework, it is a ux provided in the examples folder and will require a separate include of the main file...
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    There currently is no event attached. Quickly looking at the code I think the best place to inject it would be overriding hideAll / showAll in Ext.chart.series.Series
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    sounds like a good use case for -!/guide/src
  7. Your syntax is quite odd and I'm amazed this ever worked in 4.0.7. You will need to split the if & for statements into two separate tpl tags, then it will work across both versions as expected.
  8. Auto-suggest style functionality is actually available through the ComboBox class. You can turn the trigger off if you want to make it look more like a combobox.

    The forum search example shows...
  9. Sure is! the tool that is used to generate the docs is even available.

    The JS code is under the template folder
  10. Unfortunately the current Tree implementation does not provide any unique classnames based on the depth. I recently implemented an extended version of Ext.tree.View for a client that added this...
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    Are you sure the MyApp.util.SharedTemplates class is being included on the page? (or perhaps not included in time, it must be in place before the Ext.define is executed) perhaps add a requires...
  12. I don't think this is going to function how you are expecting. The php script needs to be executed for it to return an actual json file. If you are intending to include this within your app...
  13. Really not a fan of CoffeeScript though both Sencha & CoffeeScript attempt to provide solutions to this issue. Since the function is a callback that is fired from within PhoneGap's API you will need...
  14. In general using setRecord is a much cleaner way to implement the bindings. if you need to do a computed calculation like that into a single field I would strongly recommend just adding a calculated...
  15. I'll be out there April 30 - May 7th
  16. +1
  17. Yeah, not sure how that's working at all in fact. You technically shouldn't be able to statically access a class like that without somewhere creating an instance of it. You should be using one of...
  18. just to clarify as twitter doesn't allow me to type a lot of detail, you also adjusted the line:

    this.items = [app.views.InvoiceList]
    to be either:

    this.items = [new app.views.InvoiceList()]...
  19. Whoops, yes that is the correct way to access them :P
  20. Ext.regModel('Employee', {
    fields: [
    {name: 'first_name', type: 'string'},
    {name: 'last_name', type: 'string'},
    {name: 'full_name', type: 'string', convert:...
  21. Why are you defining firefun outside of Sub_Class_1? you are running into a scope issue because the function ref firefun is getting saved with this === window and not your instance of Sub_Class_1.
  22. Also perhaps take a look at Ext.util.MixedCollection if you don't need all the complexity of a store/reader/proxy.
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    Wow, didn't know about the el reference in there, that rocks Evan!
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    Unfortunately I don't believe there's any way to get at that information. The problem is that JSONP works around the browsers same-origin security policy by injecting a script tag onto the page. We...
  25. You are correct, the instance-created event isn't for when you register a new controller, in fact it fires when that controller instantiates a new Model object for you, so with this code you're not...
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