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  1. I fixed this issue... In case anyone else has problems with this, here is the info...

    I was doing a search on the list when it loaded ( argSenchaList.getStore().clearFilter(); )

    This causes the...
  2. Disabling paging did the trick. It seems enablePagingParams is set to false as default for Sencha 1, but not in Sencha 2 :) Easy fix

    I also had to change:

    type: 'json',
    root: 'd'...
  3. I have tried this, and one thing I notice is different is that in Sencha 2, I have this in the header:

    Request Payload

    This is not part of the header in Sencha 1. How can I...
  4. Yes, good idea. I will try to compare the two and see what is different.

    Will get back to you

  5. Yes, somehow the Sencha request is not reaching the correct function, as it did before. So there is some Sencha setting that I am missing.
  6. Yes that is where I got the error message. This is more information:

    Request URL:http://localhost:53478/iPhone/Ajax.aspx/GetTemplateList?_dc=1336049668004
    Request Method:POST...
  7. Not sure - it's genereated in ASP.NET. It worked with Sencha 1.

    Now it doesn't look like the function is even executed. It does not show up in the browser debugger.
  8. I am getting an "Invalid JSON primitive" error after moving to Sencha 2.0, and can't get it to work.

    The JS code is this:

    Ext.regModel('TemplateList', {
    fields: ['TemplateID', 'StateID',...
  9. Any suggestions on what I could try?
  10. Since I am using Ext.getCmp('myContactsList').getStore(), I should certainly get the correct store?

    Before I was using Store.Load(), but changed to to get the stora via the list, just to be 100%...
  11. I have a list that uses a store.

    When I first call:

    Ext.getCmp('myContactsList').getStore().getProxy().extraParams.argShowFavorites = _Favorites;...
  12. I am running into this problem:

    The events are not firing. The only one that works is the change event.

  13. Great! I was thinking that might be it, but didn't try it.

    I will try to work something out, so that it only scrolls after you click the field. Thanks for the help :)
  14. There is no listPanel property, but there is a getListPanel() method.

    These both return objects:

  15. SelectFieldEndTime.picker gives nothing too...

    I must be doing something wrong.

    I create the selectfield like this:

    xtype: 'selectfield',
    id: 'SelectFieldEndTime',
  16. I can't get this to work. The selectfield has no scroller property.

    var SelectFieldEndTime = Ext.getCmp('SelectFieldEndTime');
    SelectFieldEndTime.setOptions(jsonObject, false);...
  17. How to scroll to a specific element in a selectfield?

    I am loading the options and setting the selected one, like this:

    SelectFieldEndTime.setOptions(jsonObject, false);...
  18. Let me answer this, for the sake of the community :)

    Change the .NET code to:

    [ScriptMethod(UseHttpGet = true, ResponseFormat = ResponseFormat.Json)]

    To change the method, so...
  19. I am running into this again. How can I pass parameters with the store proxy?
  20. Replies
    It seems the screen ALWAYS gets white before the content is displayed - with or without Sencha.

    But the transparency before the white screen only happens when Sencha is on the site.
  21. Replies
    But it doesn't do this if I remove Sencha from the site?
  22. Replies
    I am having a problem with the web application showing a tiled/transparent screen for a little while, after displaying the splash screen.

    I've tested with removing almost everything from the site,...
  23. It takes a lot of work to make fields into Sencha fields.

    I was wondering how the Sencha field got around the scroll-to-the-bottom thing.

    I ended up using Sencha fields and doing some heavy...
  24. I have a Sencha site, where I have a regular <input> text field on the site. When you click into this field on the iPhone, the keyboard pops up, as it should.

    But when I, with the keyboard still...
  25. I too am having this problem in 1.1.

    How can I disable the list?

    I've tried .setDisabled(true) and .disable(), but it doesn't work :(
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