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  1. I see. Well, thank you very much! ^^
  2. code killed you all, am i right? :))
  3. This is MyInfo

    public class MyInfo extends Info {

    private native Stack<Info> getSlots() /*-{

  4. Thank you very much, both of you have been very kind and crystal clear. While this solved my problem about the private attribute, I'm afraid I still cannot achieve what I had in mind.

    That's what...
  5. That's a good news, for the future :D for now, is there a way you could help me doing what you suggested..?
  6. Thanks for the answer! That's exactly what I tried to do, but ( and I assume this is my fault, that's pure Java ) I cannot access the private attribute slots of the method
    How can I achieve that?...
  7. Hello

    I need to change the position of the Info.display popup: I need it on the bottom right, instead of on top. Can you please show me how to? Thanks in advance!
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    Hello folks
    I have a problem when I try to add a new window on my desktop
    When I proceed to add it, no matter wether I do set height and width or not, the window has a fixed, small resolution and...
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