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  1. TreeGrid.isExpanded(M model) is not protected from NullPointerException if it is called with a model that doesn't exists in the grid.

    public boolean isExpanded(M model) {
    TreeNode node =...
  2. The solution found was to override isCached() and to remove "(liveStore.getCount() == 0)" condition:

    protected boolean isCached(int index) {
    if ((index <...
  3. Hi,

    I have a LiveGridView which in some conditions has nothing to display. I have chosen this component because i'm trying to avoid to use a PagingToolBar. When there is nothing to display, the...
  4. Hello,

    I have an issue with a SplitButton in an overflowed toolbar. The component doesn't display its text.
    Apparently, in ToolBarLayout.addComponentToMenu(), the "gxt-menutext" data is not set...
  5. Thank you sven. Now it makes sense.
  6. Hello,

    I've encountered the following issue while working on a login dialog box. The username/password has a key listener set for ENTER key. When the login fails, I display a MessageBox.alert.
  7. Yes, everything works fine. Thank you.
  8. By the way, it would be nice in El class to have access to _maskMsg and _mask fields, so that we could easily change how the masking looks like.
  9. Hi sven,

    Sorry about this, the issue was on my side.

    My project uses a customized masking, and in the overriden mask method, the "x-masked" style was added before "x-masked-relative" style....
  10. I've noticed that masking/unmasking a panel that has a scrollbar would scroll that panel at the top of it.

    From what i understand the TreePanel has a buffered view with the tree nodes which are to...
  11. ListStore.onLoad() doesn't check if config is null on line 571, which can cause a NullPointerException.

    In version 2.1.3, before the sorting was extracted from the config, an "if (obj instanceof...
  12. For those who needs a quick fix for this issue, here is a possible solution.

    The code that restricts the resizing of the column to the width of the grid is located in ColumnHeader.onDragStart()...
  13. ok, thank you for the reply
  14. Replies
    can you please provide feedback also to this issue?

    thank you
  15. sven,
    can this be put as a bug? "right most column from grid can't be enlarged"
  16. Hello,

    For grids which don't have many rows, or more precise, which they don't have a vertical scrollbar, is close to impossible to widen the last column.

    Have a look at the example...
  17. Replies

    I need help with a modified ComboBox. I've set the overflowX to auto and at the first click, for a combobox with only one value, i see only the horizontal scrollbar. Only at the second...
  18. I couldn't reproduce it either with release 2.2. I was posting this in case that somebody needs this information.
  19. The issue seams to be because o a change in TriggerField.

    In version 2.1.2 the following method was like this:

    protected Size adjustInputSize() {
    return new...
  20. Sven,

    I've forgot an important detail. The bug appears only in IE, and not in FF. My IE is version 8.
    Please redo the test with IE8.

  21. Hello,

    I have a layout problem in the version 2.1.3 which wasn't appearing in version 2.1.2. You can see the difference in the rendering in the pictures attached.

    In my sample code I have 2...
  22. There is another problem when you have TabPanels nested inside other TabPanels. If the user presses HOME/END button all the nested TabPanels will switch to their own first/last TabItem.

  23. Now I've realized that I've posted in the wrong subforum. Could somebody move this to Ext GWT Premium subforum please?

    Thank you
  24. Hello,

    I want to set a menu to a SplitButton after the button was rendered. After i add the menu the arrow doesn't appear on the button. What should i do to rerender the button and have the arrow...
  25. I've posted in the bugs subforum about this issue, along with a code sample.
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