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  1. Safari Desktop strange behaviour with localhost

    When I generate a new ST2 app (cmd sencha generate app ...), and then open it up using http://localhost/... in Desktop Safari (Macbook OSX), and then do a few page reloads (as you would do for...
  2. Detect if Sencha Touch is supported in the browser


    I see that some Firefox and IE versions support Sencha Touch - fantastic!

    In the old days I used Sencha to test if the browser was WebKit, and if not, I would redirect them to a more basic...
  3. A quick update on this...

    When I try the same thing with a clean new sencha touch project - there is no problem with cacheing - so it must be something strange to do with my project
  4. Sencha Cmd 4 is cacheing and ignoring my file changes

    When I run "sencha app build production" or "sencha app build testing", the output app.js file does not reflect the file changes I have made, and simply recreates the same app.js again and again.
  5. Is there a quick way to copy the tabbar buttons style to a normal non-tabbar button?

    I'm doing a demo in one hour. I need a quick way to make an xtype:'button' look like the tabbar type buttons (the attached image is what I am trying to do).

  6. Carousel question - I am trying to do a full screen carousel with limited width snaps

    I have a full screen app that holds 5 visible columns of different content, and a load of columns that are not visible in the initial viewport either side of the visible 5 columns. I was hoping to...
  7. TabPanel tabbar scrolling - can I prevent selecting whilst scrolling?

    I'm doing a Sencha app for DailyMailOnline - it has loads of items on the bottom tabbar with horizontal scrolling (you can download the native android phone app for an example). The native android...
  8. Sencha 2 does not have this problem

    The problem goes away on iOS and Android if you use Sencha 2 but be careful to check the current license agreement for Sencha 2.
  9. Anchors are working now in ST2 Beta

    Thanks to everyone at Sencha - yay!
  10. Added carousel content not showing / vertical scrolling is not working

    I can get carousels in ST2 to work fine with hard coded cards, but when I try adding new panels, the content gets cut short. I have tried all sorts of combinations of scrolling and styleHtmlContent...
  11. Fixed - I removed layout:'fit'

    Not sure why but its working without layout:'fit'.

    If it helps, I am using the carousel inside a tabpanel, and not using layout:'fit' anywhere else.

    Mark that as Answered if you like? Keep up...
  12. 3 or more added carousel items cause overlapped content

    When I create a carousel with 3 or more added items, the first page holds two or more sets of content, for example:

    var carousel2 = new Ext.Carousel({
    layout: 'fit',
    items: []
  13. Thanks Mitchell!

    Sorry - I looked all over the place but couldn't find a simple example - strike this off as Answered if you like
  14. The problem with the iframe solution is that it...

    The problem with the iframe solution is that it does not allow the iframe content to be draggable (only a problem if you have scrollable content)
  15. What happened to Ext.util.JSON.decode?

    I always get this error in my console:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'decode' of undefined


    url: 'json.js',
  16. Oh, but use visibilty:hidden...

    and not display:none or it messes up the scrolling
  17. I've kind of fixed it...

    by using document.getElementById("ext-viewport").style.display="block" after a timeout, but its not perfect as there's a black blank screen that shows for the first few seconds whilst sencha is...
  18. Show a loading screen (or delay the sencha UI from loading)

    I'm trying to build an app that shows a loading screen for 2 seconds, and then the ST2 interface.

    With Chrome, I can achieve this by loading the sencha.js files using a timeout to create a script...
  19. Yeah - I tried that...

    On Android you get "Unsupported action" popup, on iOS it doesn't do anything. Its cool, looks like I'll just have to wait until href's are sorted
  20. Can anyone figure out how to open native email app / mailto link

    With SenchaTouch v1, I used to do something like this:

    <a href="">Opens native iOS/android email app</a>

    I realize that with ST2 I need to use this for links:
  21. Thanks Mitchell - you are a great help

    Yes, that bind is useful, thanks!

    I realise now why I've been having problems with this - I've been using Ext.get('elementID') to locate elements inside a carousel, and I kept getting:

  22. Nearly fixed it...

    I'm almost there - am using this:
    Ext.get("linkID").on("tap", functionName);

    But is there a way to add parameter to the functionName call please?

    For example - this doesn't work:
  23. Thanks Mitchell - any chance of an example of how...

    Thanks Mitchell - any chance of an example of how to do this please? I have tried a few things but have not had much luck so far
  24. How can I create a standard web link inside HTML content please? Onclick doesn't work

    I'm using HTML content from a content management system - I don't mind changing all the link formatting or adding an ID to each.

    For example:
    html : ''+
    '<a href="">Does...
  25. [INFOREQ] Carousel swipe is too sensitive on Android (PR3)

    I've created a basic carousel with direction: 'horizontal', and with cards that have scroll: 'vertical'. Its great on iOS, but when I try it with Android, its almost impossible to scroll down through...
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