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  1. I got rid of the comparator being automatically...

    I got rid of the comparator being automatically handled by the store. I call the sort when the dragNDrop event finishes. Would have been nice that the sort events were handled after all other events...
  2. GXT 2.2.5, drag-n-drop listener and comparator TreeStore priority

    I use GXT2.2.5
    I need to do some business logic with a drag-n-drop in the TreeStore. This action changes the value on what the Comparator is based on. The problem is that the sort is automatically...
  3. DomQuery.selectValue fails using xpath GXT 3

    I am using this sample:

    I have added some code to query the dom tree :

    private final class DomLookupHandler implements...
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    Thanks Ersmarker,

    I use the ClientBundle to ge the icons.

    Here's my code:

    tree.setIconProvider(new ModelIconProvider<ModelData>() {
    public AbstractImagePrototype...
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    Custom icons in tree Model

    In 2.5, the documentation about the method TreePanel.getStyle().setNodeOpenIcon is:

    I'm looking all over the place but can't find a way to change my individual items icons. All my items in the...
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