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  1. cellclick and celldblclick has been removed from Grid?

    How do I get the rowIndex and colIndex from the Ext.grid.Panel? (using extjs 3 it was working)
    Thanks a lot!
  2. I need do to it too

    Hey, how are you? did you solve this issue?
    I need to do it too, could you please send me your solution(case you fixed it)?

    Thanks a lot
    Brasil/Santa Catarina/Blumenau
  3. Does not exist ux.all.js for Sencha 4 anymore ?

    do I need to import all the js files? or Including multiple js files in one?
    Josť Voss
  4. Please, could you send me the new JSBuilder

    Please, could you send me the new JSBuilder with CSS compression, thanks a lot
  5. Is't possible to send multiples forms in the same submit to server?

    Are there a way to sent multiples forms at the same submit to sever? (I need to use the Ext.Direct)? For instance:

    All the Ext...
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