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  1. One last thought...

    I've moved away from doing large object graph saves. If I want to save the children pointed to a parent, I'll just send the children. If I want to save a parent object, just save the parent. The...
  2. IncludeRelationshipJsonWriter.js

    This is what we used, that totally worked but it's been a while. Good luck..

    * This class extends the normal Json writer so that related objects are sent down to the server on the CRUD...
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    Jetty Web Server

    I am trying to setup our development environment without having to rely on apache as a reverse proxy to the backend. I was wondering if there were a way for me to use the jetty server started via...
  4. Here's how we did create...

    We had this same problem in sencha touch.. the solution was like this..

    This code is in a button click handler for a 'create new assessment' button. The idea is that a create call is supposed to...
  5. True Solution to problem

    Hey guys,

    I thought I'd post my solution to this problem. The key for me was to look at how the 'List.js' class handled the scrolling with regard to clicking on an index in the 'index bar.' Here's...
  6. [OPEN] My solve with FilterPagingLoadConfigBean

    Here's a way to do it without using any objects from the sample package. I'm making a callback using a "User" object. The combobox is submitting the "lastName" filter.

    UserProperties props =...
  7. Anything in particular that I should look out for...

    Anything in particular that I should look out for with regards to a memory leak?
  8. The Store javadoc is wrong then?

    Here's the method that made me think it was a bug:

    * Gets all records modified since the last commit. Modified records are
    * persisted across load operations (e.g., during...
  9. [1.2.4] Modified records are deleted across load operations (e.g., during paging).

    The ListStore is supposed to keep modified records across load calls but it does not

    Here is the onLoad method of ListStore. the call to removeAll() deletes the records in the store...

  10. BasePagingLoadConfig.getParams() ???

    I just upgraded from 1.2.4 to 2.0 and don't know how to migrate the BasePagingLoadConfig.getParams() call to 2.0. Where are the filters stored on a paginated request?

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    Just upload it to your own repo

    We just upload the binary to our own repo. You could also just install it locally if you don't have a repo.

  12. [GXT 1.2.4] Grid (w/forceFit) reconfigure causes the force fit to not work

    When you create a grid like so:

    grid = new EditorGrid<BeanModel>(store, firstColumnModel);

    a subsequent call to

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