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  1. Force Ext 'numberfield' to validate length of the number before decimal point.


    I am using ExtJs 4.1.1.

    My requirement is to use the text field to get the decimal value[means 123.456 or 123 or 123.000].

    I consider Ext 'numberfield' is the right choice, since...
  2. Thanks for your reply Scott. If there is more...

    Thanks for your reply Scott.

    If there is more than one Ext.onReady(), I have not found any issues till now.

    If anyone has any update, please share your inputs here.

  3. Thanks for the timely response Scott. Is there...

    Thanks for the timely response Scott.

    Is there any issue if the HTML form has more than one Ext.onReady?
  4. Please refer the attachment for the sample file.

    Please refer the attachment for the sample file.
  5. Render Ext component without Ext.onReady() causes error


    We are using ExtJs 4.1.1.

    Creation of Ext component is to be done with in a java script function. This function is called when ever there is a need for the Ext component.

    i.e A...
  6. Override to solve the issue


    Use this override to fix the issue,

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.GridView, {
    layout : function() {
    if(!this.mainBody) {
  7. Setting gridpanel forceFit to false dynamically.

    I am using ExtJs 3.3.2

    On creation of the grid I have used

    viewConfig: {

    and changed the forcefit dynamically as (this is because to get the...
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    Latest MIFrame

    Hi All,

    Going through this thread,

    If my understanding is right, ux.ManagedIFrame 2.x can be used with Ext 3x.

    I am using Ext js 4.1.

    Is there a latest MIFrame available which is...
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    Display issue in tabchange

    Hi All,

    I have a tab panel which has three tabs in that, every tab has different contents, which defines different height for each tab.

    This tab panel is wrapped by a panel (this is to give a...
  10. How to convert date format from "dd/mm/yyyy" to "d/m/Y" (ExtJs format)

    Hi All,

    I am trying to create a ExtJs "datefield" using user's input, all are well and good, except the format given by the user.

    User will give the JS format string like "dd/mm/yyyy" which...
  11. ManagedIFrame documentloaded not working properly

    Hi All,

    I have to load a document into ManagedIFrame, in which a mask is applied to the MIF, so that there will be a "loading" mask displayed till the document is loaded. please refer the code...
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