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  1. sry for late asnwer, some important exam, then being out of connection, and a rest day...

    i test all above, standard submit send request, but page refresh to the page is already open, i mean then...
  2. thanks you man a lot,
    sry for lat answer, i have exam today, and went to sleep last night, i check out after my exam :)
  3. What i recieve is whole next page in get request, which goes to ajax method, but what i need is to load new page data, in new page, like redirecting from one page to one other....
    i want to submit...
  4. any help?
  5. Hello there, i have a login form, i want when i push submit button, it check data on server, and send new page data, if the post information is valid... but all i got is nothing, i check request...
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    and here's the output,

    any idea why it doesnt render the grid to the div?

    <html> <head> <title> Welcome To Proxy Administrator Page </title> <link...
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    include ('./UserEntity.php');
    include ('./IOController.php');

    $ioc=new IOController("AccInfo.ini");
    $reader = $ioc->readUsersData();

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