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  1. Skirtle,

    You also mentioned that it was odd to use Ext.Ajax.requests, is there an alternative I'm not aware of? :-?

  2. Skirtle,

    I am doing quite a few Ext.Ajax.requests, which all need these params. I thought it was simpler to set these params as an override.

    As for the Ext.require technique, because the page...
  3. Thanks a lot remeis, that worked for me as well! I will do some further testing and if I figure out what is missing then will post the solution using ext-all.js.
  4. My other thought would be to add a listener for when the page is loaded, but I don't see any events specific Are there any?
  5. Does this occur in all browsers?
  6. I'm moving towards the ExtJS 4.0 MVC architecture and I had an override in my old init method which worked:

    Old code that worked: = function() {
    return {
    init: function()...
  7. Split is used with a border layout to separate regions (center & north for example). For example, if we had the following:

    layout: 'border'
    items: [{
    region: 'center',
    xtype: 'tabpanel',...
  8. I'm receiving the is undefined when I'm trying to call a public function which is defined in the onReady. I used the Application Design manual to start my application so perhaps I'm missing...
  9. If I understand correctly, you want your toolbar displayed in the tab, correct? If so, try the following instead of items:

    xtype: 'tabpanel',
    tbar: tb

    This toolbar will be displayed at...
  10. try something like this maybe:

    text:"Edit Record",
    icon: 'css/images/add16.gif',
    handler: function(view,record,item,index,e,eOpts){
    // get the selected record
  11. Have you setup (remote) sorting on your store?
  12. I see that you have commited (.commit() the record. In regards to the id you are referring to, would this happen to be an AUTO INCREMENTED PRIMARY KEY being returned from the database? If so, then...
  13. That would be nice, but this does not exist and there is no extension for what you have described. Would be a nice application though :)
  14. Make sure in the definition of your record, the date_ is of type 'date'.

    For example, in a model:

    Ext.define('APP.model.movies', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [{
    name: 'id',...
  15. Replies
    To align vertically, you should try the following:

    style: 'display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle; text-align: center'
  16. Replies
    I would try adding the style property:

    Ext.define('indigo.f_item_image', {
    extend : 'Ext.panel.Panel',
    style: 'text-align: center;'
  17. Could you provide the code for your "date_edit"? Also, in your store, what is the field defined as?
  18. Glad to be of help. If you could mark the post as Answered (click Mark best answer above the post), it will help other users looking for similar solutions in the future.

  19. Ok, on your grid you should may possibly have a top toolbar (tbar), where you can do something like this:

    text: 'Add Inventory',
    handler: function(){
    new Ext.Window({
  20. grid.getSelectionModel().getSelection()
    returns all selected rows. If you want the one specific row, you can use:

    returns 1 row, which is similar to...
  21. If you are returning in JSON format, break down your JSON, assign it to a variable and use it. For example:

    // example of data in JSON
    my_items: [{
    title: 'accordion_1',
  22. The Ajax proxy by default has noCache set to true. That being said, I know that cacheParam on the proxy is by default "_dc" when you have noCache set to false. Try setting cacheParam to "" on the...
  23. Still, it is strange because in the API Documentation, their Ext.form.FormPanel example utilizes formBind: true on the button leading me to believe that it should work..

    My alternative is in my...
  24. I understand that you have many fields so the grid editor won't be of use. A good example of this is a description field..

    I would create a function such as editRecord in which you could retrieve...
  25. Good day all,

    I have a piece of code that I converted from 3.0 to 4.0 which utilized the monitorValid: true on the form and formBind: true on the button. Perhaps I'm missing something from the...
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