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  1. I am also facing same issue i want ordering in GRID 1 and drag and drop between two grids GRID 1 & GRID 2
  2. the text field should not allow more than 6 digits before the decimal and not more than 2 digits after decimal, i.e I should not be able to enter 7th digit before the decimal and 3rd digit after...
  3. '<tr>',
    '<tpl for="."><td width="10%" style="padding:5px 5px 5px 5px"><div >{fullVin}</td> </tpl>'

    '<tpl for="."><td...
  4. Json Format :

    "vehicleStockString": "123",
    "eventDescription": "red",
    "bodyStyleDesc": "AWD"
  5. I want to repeat a part of the screen multiple times what is the best way to achieve this scenario
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