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    Basically I had to remove the source code as my employers believed that they could use the open source version of Ext JS and distribute it amongst internal clients. I felt it was open source and...
  2. There is none I am afraid, there used to be a way of doing it in the old versions, using special privledges you could invoke, but they took it out due to security risks.

    The best way to do it is...
  3. Oh ok, that only works with internet explorer though right?
  4. Just out of interest what solution did you find?

    The only way I know of to copy to the clipboard is to trick the browser using keyboard shortcuts and a hidden text field. Or using flash.
  5. I would also be very interested in testing out any early releases of 4.1 since the project that I am currently working on has been going for about 9 months now, and we have made huge changes and...
  6. Someone must know something that could be of use? At least a help and knowing where to look
  7. I have found that the reason it does not scroll when I drag the element down is because the scrollbars are not actually attached to the grid, they are seperate (ext.grid.scroller).

    I made a test...
  8. I have my grid, which is 25 columns by 100 rows. I have built functionality where you can render a chart based on the cell selected in the grid.

    The chart is rendered and placed inside the Grid...
  9. Any idea how I can write the contents of my store, which I have created and placed within my window, which then in turn is used to populate a PropertyGrid. When the property grid is updated, it...
  10. Hi,

    Thanks for your reponse, I had revisited this problem from a previous look at it and had overlooked certain issues. I wanted to be able to detect if the end key is held down while I press a...
  11. There is a keydown event at the moment on the gridview, however there is no keyup?

    How would I go about adding a keyup event to the gridview?
  12. Whenever an event is fired, by default it contains the following "ctrlKey: false or true, shiftKey: false or true" etc.

    I want to be able to the "End" key to this list of defaults, but digging...
  13. Are Sencha even addressing bug reports? or are you already overwhelmed with them?
  14. Anyone?

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2a

    Browser versions tested against:
  16. These is plenty of perfomance issues associated with the grid panel, hopefully (based on what ive heard from the dev team) the performance issues are being worked on and hopefully sorted out by 4.1...
  17. I am creating an element which I want to make draggable. By simply doing this :-

    var chartDD = Ext.create('Ext.dd.DD', chartEl);

    I can make the element draggable.

    The issue is that when I...
  18. Completely agree, the whole Ext JS 4 Framework is absolutely riddled with bugs and we have at 3 developers working constantly for weeks on end just to repair the shoddy coding by the core devs. After...
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    I havent personally but my collugue has I believe.
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    Nevermind, reported as a bug, as you can see on ext-all-debug.js line 75428

    scrollByDeltaX: function(deltaX) {
    var horizontalScroller = this.getVerticalScroller();

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    At the moment my grid will scroll down the relevant amount when pressing down or enter, and the same for up.

    However when I press tab or right, my cell is selected fine by the grid does not scroll...
  22. Hi,

    I have just finished creating my chart wizard where I take the values from my spreadsheet, then depending on config options, render a chart on it. The chart is rendered to an element which has...
  23. I just put a method name of my renderer inside my column.

    var column = Ext.create('Ext.grid.column.SSColumn',{
    header: mapping.keys[i],
    dataIndex: mapping.items[i],
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    From the view you can get to the grid by using this.panel
  25. I am after an event or a method that is called after the grid is fully rendered. AfterRender and AfterLayout haven't yet fully rendered all the rows and cells in the DOM. There used to be a method on...
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