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  1. It seems like the open source project needs its own build server which creates pkg's and uploads them to some publicly accessible repo.
  2. I created a Sencha Cmd package which I open sourced and naturally I set the creator to myself in package.json. At work, we're using my open source library in two projects. However the whole process...
  3. I looked at the source code for AbstractStore and I see what's happening.

    Even though I'm creating a new instance, it will still register this second instance with the StoreManager:

  4. Yes I've seen that post you linked to and I understand that comboboxes that refer to the same store by storeId get the same instance, but I don't think that's the issue I'm describing (it may be...
  5. We have a standard store definition with a rest proxy:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    requires: 'LP.model.MyModel',
    model: 'LP.model.MyModel',
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    Thanks Wesley.

    For completeness, I tested both my example and Darek's code in both Firefox 10.0.2 and Chrome 17 and was able to reproduce both problems in beta4.

    I don't think it matters, but...
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    Confirmed this problem still exists in beta4. I'm not sure if it's the exact same bug. Is this being looked at? I don't see any replies in either thread. Seems like a fairly critical bug. It...
  8. Thanks. That was my first guess, but I figured if it was in the Hello World example, I must be doing something wrong.
  9. Hi, I'm new to ExtJS and JS in general. I'm just getting started with the basic MVC tutorial and I'm having issues:!/guide/application_architecture

    I'm using...
  10. Hi Darrell, nice to see you again. Yes I think this is a really amazing feature of GXT 3. In the past I had to write many GXT 2.x components from scratch, even if they were similar in functionality...
  11. Simple example source below. If you run this, you will notice the onOver and onPress methods are never executed. Uncomment the alternate sb.appendHtmlConstant in the render method as a workaround....
  12. Hi gang, I'm evaluating GXT 3.0 for a client. I really like the use of the Appearance design pattern, but unfortunately in my first experience with it I encountered a bug.

    The default GXT...
  13. In IE8, there's a 1px gap between the top of the tooltip and middle of the tooltip. It only appears when the browser is in quirksmode, but the instructions for GXT still say that GXT requires...
  14. Oops, sorry about that.
  15. Once I use CheckBoxSelectionModel in combination with EditorGrid, the checkboxes cannot be clicked. No errors are thrown in the hosted mode console. I just came across this yesterday. If I comment...
  16. If I perform a store.update(someBean) on a Grid store and the Grid's view is a GroupingView,, a javascript exception is thrown.

    Here's the code to reproduce it:

    public class MyApp implements...
  17. We were seeing very strange alignment issues with checkboxes in our application after migrating from GXT 2.0 to GXT 2.1.1.

    In CheckBox.onResize(int,int), alignElements() is only called if boxLabel...
  18. ...just wanted to bump this so that it's not ignored. If you need any further description of the problem please let me know.
  19. Just wanted to bump this. I'm not sure which drag behavior ljohnston was referring to, but in the 2.1.1 demo, once you drag and drop a child node above the root node you will not be able to drag it...
  20. Issue #1 - BorderLayout split divider cannot be dragged over HtmlEditor

    Issue #2 - Menu popup will not close if user clicks into HtmlEditor

    The code sample below demonstrates both issues.
  21. Seems to be similar if not the same bug I posted last week. Have not yet heard a response though.
  22. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding TreeStore/TreePanel. I have a TreeStore with two root items. I add the default GXT DND code for tree reordering (directly from the GXT explorer demo).
  23. Thanks sven,

    Actually we did patch that class but it still only works for simple text. We're trying to add a ComboBox into the footer and while it looks correct, you cannot click it.
  24. Thanks sven!

    Would you be able to tell me which classes were changed to fix this issue so we can patch our local build of GXT?

  25. If you try to use a widget as a renderer for the footer, the widget will not appear. With a normal text renderer, the text appears fine.

    The issue may be that...
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