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  1. Thanks for the info.

    As a work-around I found you can use an invalid path to achieve the same result, i.e.

    replace "pkgs/pkg-grid-property.js", with "ZZZpkgs/pkg-grid-property.js",

  2. Hi Condor

    Thanks for replying.

    I'm commenting out a single line in the pkgDeps section, for example:

    "name": "Ext All No Core",
    "file": "ext-all-no-core.js",
  3. I'm trying to build a cut down version of the Ext All library by commenting out unwanted components in a copy of the ext.jsb2 file.

    I've tried to comment out lines using // and /* */, but this...
  4. Agree with Condor

    The resizing is an issue with IE6 (and IE7).

    His solution fixes the problem nicely, please add to SVN.
  5. This solution also worked for me using IE6 and Ext 2.2.0

  6. Just wanted to say thanks, your change helped me too.
  7. Hi mystix

    Went and tested the attachment before uploading today.

    Now, I'm unable to reproduce the error?

    I'm putting this one down to a memory glitch in Firefox.
    Either that or I'm going...
  8. Ext 2.0 - TabPanel doco states for autoTabs:

    The attached example disproves this.

  9. Hi Animal

    I haven't tested but what your saying makes sense.

    In an earlier thread I struck the same problem.

    In my post I said it was solved -...
  10. Hi All

    I'm using JS Builder

    The ext-all.js that you download only shows 1 line for a function, e.g.

    Ext.DomHelper=function(){var _1=null;var _2=/^(?:br|frame|hr...

    whereas when...
  11. One minor change:

    The commented version only shows the sort direction in the header, it doesn't actually sort the column. This version does both.

    if (state.sortInfo) {
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