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  1. Any updates?

    <br><br>Any updates/clarifications on this?&nbsp;<img src="images/smilies/1.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" smilieid="74" class="inlineimg">
  2. Found a case where this behavior is seen

    When we overwrite the "initialize" function of the extended tab panel( can keep is blank also, but overwriting is imp), the active tab does not change. Why is this so?
  3. Some more information

    Using the latest touch charts sdk for Sencha touch 2 and also the latest version of sencha touch 2.0.0 gpl
  4. Extending a disables the tab switching

    Here is one thing which i noticed, when I create a custom Tab Panel by Ext.define() and then extending the, the "activeitemchange" event is fired only once (i.e when the component...
  5. Cannot read property 'pseudos' of undefined

    I still could not understand the reason for this error

    I included the sencha-touch-debug.js from the latest sencha touch 2.0.0 gpl version, and then the touch-charts-debug.js, yet i get this...
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    [CLOSED] Thanks for the immediate reply

    I was using the sencha-touch 2 rc release. Hence was facing the issue. Got the fix in sencha-touch 2.0.0 gpl release. Thanks a lot :)
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    [CLOSED] Could not find a fix for this issue

    Don't know whether the problem is with Carousel's setActiveItem() or the listener of the carousel swipe.
    Can anyone help.... :) Because most of the times it is needed to dynamically set the...
  8. Thanks!!! That was informative...:)

    Thanks!!! That was informative...:)
  9. But.. Doesnt it assume the default NS as 'app' if...

    But.. Doesnt it assume the default NS as 'app' if we do not explicitly give it a name?
  10. Ext. application not working without name config?

    Is the name config of Ext.application mandatory?
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