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  1. For the purposes of getting the example working...

    For the purposes of getting the example working on your own data, you don't need to provide paging via your PHP. The Infinite Scrolling mechanism will automatically add the paging parameters to the...
  2. Hmm. Could it be that I need to explicitly...

    Hmm. Could it be that I need to explicitly require all the Ext classes I use in my application? I went back and read the Getting Started for Ext 4 and it suggests that we use ext-debug.js from the...
  3. Using ext-all-debug.js versus ext-debug.js yields error ...

    I have an MVC app that I've been developing using ext-all-debug.js (as is normal). Works fine -- no problems. However I am now trying to build it using the SDK tools, so I've switched my index.html...
  4. Can you provide the HTML markup, etc?

    Hi ... interested to try this. Can you provide ALL the code needed to run it? Including

    a) HTML markup on page (an example page)
    b) The code for teh store.
    c) whatever else is needed to run...
  5. How to refresh form.Panel after making docked item visible

    I'm sure this is basic, but i have been banging head against it for hours now ... I have a Viewport and am showing a form.Panel in the center region. The view.Panel has a toolbar at the top and...
  6. Furthermore, if i Ext.defer by 1 second before...

    Furthermore, if i Ext.defer by 1 second before doing my, all the links show up. So there should be a 1000ms delay before firing this viewready event. Else it ain't really ready.
  7. for me, afterrender fires before viewready.

    for me, afterrender fires before viewready.
  8. Selecting links within a grid: returns no elements

    So i have a grid with links in particular cells. I need to handle the link clicks explicitly because the grid data is very dynamic and i never know which cell will have a link (that is, i can't use...
  9. Using xtypes (lazy loading) and enableBubble

    Is it possible to tell a component to "enableBubble" on particular events when configuring the component using xtypes (rather than directly instantiating it using Ext.create(...) ?

    That is, is...
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    A modal slide-in form in a Viewport

    Hi all ... I have a slide-in form in an "east" region of a Viewport and i want to make it modal. I know Ext.window.Window can be modal and has a nice mask associated with it, but what it i'm using a...
  11. Very nice!

    Mitchell and hendricd, thanks. Perfect spectrum of info. Couple of follow up questions:

    @Mitchell: is 'async' property of Ext.Ajax.request undocumented? I don't see it in the Ext4...
  12. How to make 2 ajax requests for required data BEFORE object instantiation?

    Hi. I'm creating lots of dynamic forms in my app. I load form configuration (the field, button, toolbar definitions) via an AJAX request. I then load (from a different source) the data that goes...
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    Example multi-column menu in Ext 4

    Got this working. Subtle difference from Ext 3. Here's the working test code. Including the whole page so change your paths to the ext resources. You can play with the formatting to make it look as...
  14. thank you

    thank you
  15. doh. Yep. Scope issue. So what's the standard...

    doh. Yep. Scope issue. So what's the standard practice to avoid scope confusion? To declare a "self: this," at the beginning of the class definition? What's best practice?

    And sorry about the...
  16. Controller lifecycle and instance variables in MVC

    I must be missing something simple. I have a controller in which I instantiate the view it controls and assign it to an instance variable within the controller. Pretty standard so far, i think....
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    very cool. Thx!

    very cool. Thx!
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    Two questions on this...

    1) when executed as is within onReady, one gets an error since 'data' is undefined. Is the code incomplete?

    2) When i fix the data undefined problem so the code can run (by either removing the...
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    This approach to multi-column menus isn't working in Ext 4

    The 'column' layout for menus is gone in Ext 4. I tried implementing it as an 'hbox' layout, with no luck. Here's my code if anyone is willing to take a look. This code results in two stacked menus...
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    Been trying hbox

    I tried creating multi-col menus with various layouts -- including hbox before posting and none worked. I'm no Ext expert, so i probably missed something. Here's my whack at hbox-based multi-col...
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    According to the the 'layout' config options doc...

    According to the the 'layout' config options doc for, "column" is not a supported layout. And my Ext 3 approach to creating multi-col menus using layout: 'column' isn't working, so i'm...
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    Multi-column Menus in Ext JS 4?

    I was using multi-column menus in Ext 3 based more or less on the method described here. However, it would appear that layout: 'column' doesn't exist anymore. I've tried the other layout types for...
  23. thank you ... worked

    thank you ... worked
  24. Thanks for teh response but it was a wee bit...

    Thanks for teh response but it was a wee bit ambiguous. /:)

    So models and stores "more or less" yes

    Controllers and Views "more or less" no

    Any idea of the Sencha plans related to this?
  25. Code reuse across Web (Ext JS) and Mobile (Touch) applications?

    I asked this question a couple of times at SenchaCon 2011 and didn't get a definitive answer, but the general vibe appears to be that the answer is "No." I want to ask the community to see if anyone...
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