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  1. Hello
    I have problem, it seems EXJS 3 replace the id of the body on runtime

    <body id="my-id">

    <body id="ext-gen3">;

    I have some css based on this id. So this replacement break my...
  2. Hello,

    i need to customize drag and drop on gridPanel.

    when i drag a colum i had to display a different representation of my grid row.
    more over i need to add some information to the dragData....
  3. Thanks for your answer.
    But no i can't do that because i want to be notify on every component move. if offset change i want to be informed.

    For example, if i collapse a panel , i want to be...
  4. Hello

    I have to synchronise the position of a button with a kind of overlay. When position change, the overlay have to move with the button.
    is there any way to listen to button move? the move...
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