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  1. There is a toolbar in my ExtJS 5 app inside a container that can be resized while the browser window size is unchanged. The container can be an Ext.window.Window, or just a panel inside a border...
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    Looks like no :(
    We can see that the bufferedRenderer config option exists for grids but not for data views.
  3. +1!

    I am also using shared libraries in my ExtJS apps. In ExtJS4 it was just a matter of declaring namespaces and their respective Ext.Loader URLs which was leaving it up to the server side to...
  4. I wish Ext JS had the ability to specify custom DragZone and DropZone classes in TreeViewDragDrop plugin. Currently Ext.tree.ViewDragZone and Ext.tree.ViewDragZone are hard-coded in there.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, worked for me! There was only ONE occurrence of "x-body" in ext-all-scoped.css, and replacing it with "x-reset" has done the trick.

    To Sencha: WTF ExtJS CSS classes do...
  6. Any plans for supporting this in future releases? 4.2? 4.3? 5.0? Thanks.
  7. I've just checked an existing application written on version 4.0.7 where scoped CSS seemingly works, but I still see x-body class applied to BODY. For some lucky reason it did not screw up styles in...
  8. Bump!
    This worked in 4.0.x
    I now want to embed an ExtJS widget in an old website and I get CSS styles screwed up because x-body class gets applied to BODY.
  9. Oh that's cool, thank you. I guess this will be available in the next nightly build?
  10. But the mask won't show when the grid is initially loading. Also the mask won't work in infinite grid with remote filter for example — when you're filtering:
  11. I've noted the latest build at this moment (ext-4.1-20120528) still does not have loadMask on infinite grids.
    This is easily fixed. In src/LoadMask.js find:

    getStoreListeners: function(){
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    I've been playing with a custom implementation of filter in TreeGrid (as official TreeStore does not support filtering yet) and found that it is very inconvenient to have the filtering done via...
  13. +1
    Also, it would be helpful to explain somewhere why in 4.0.7 the Infinite grid was loaded simply by

    store.guaranteeRange(0, 199);
    while in 4.1 it has become more complicated:

  14. It's pretty understandable that the word class is a reserved word in JavaScript and so it's not a good idea to use that word as a name of variable. As for keys/identifiers (such as model/record field...
  15. Not f**king fixed in 4.0.7! >:)

    I have updated the fix above so it fixes the setValue method as well:

    onChange: function(newVal, oldVal) {
    var me =...
  16. Bump! This has not been fixed in 4.0.7.

    My contribution to the workarounds above is to note that since we alter filter, we should alter clearFilter accordingly (this is simply done by segregation...
  17. The Jacky's fix on the first page has not been included in 4.0.7. Booooo!
  18. We can see that's extractData method creates new model instances ("server" records) at all times — even if they are only used to copy their data to already existing "client"...
  19. Another mixins issue, though it seems to appear in all currently released versions of Ext 4 and so it's not related to the one above:

    Ext.define('A', {
    a: 'A'
    Ext.define('B', {
  20. Thank you very much guys, the fix works! =D>
  21. Yes it is (so I've had to switch back to 4.0.5 until this is resolved).
    In my application I am using complex form fields. They are inherited from Ext.form.Panel and mix Ext.form.field.Base (I need a...
  22. The following code works differently in 4.0.5 and 4.0.6.
    In 4.0.5 it returns [true, true] (and I think this was good).
    In 4.0.6 it returns [true, false] (which is frustrating as it brakes my code)....
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    Is 4.1 gonna support this?
  24. Just reminding as this is not fixed in 4.0.5.
  25. Can't see column tooltips work in 4.0.5 either (though there is no reason to expect they work as they are not documented).

    Is it now supposed that column tooltips should be coded using some other...
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