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  1. Thanks for the reply.The easiest thing (for me at...

    Thanks for the reply.The easiest thing (for me at least :) ) is to point you at my project -:
    Creating a cut down fiddle might be difficult, so I hope that...
  2. Problem with constraining drag and drop panel

    I'm using a custom drag and drop similar to the example found here ( However I need to allow the drag and drop panel to...
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    Problem with menu.showAt()

    Can someone explain why the following code doesn't show the menu in the top right corner of the panel, but instead shows it offset into the panel, by the amount the panel is offset into the browser...
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    From what I can gather from the documentation,...

    From what I can gather from the documentation, "app build" only works if the app was built by, or with cmd in mind. My app didn't use the "standard" structure, so I used the doc here...
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    Sencha CMD - compiling app

    Having upgraded to Extjs 4.2 I've been trying to get CMD to compile my app. I'm running CMD 3.1, but keep getting empty output files (despite trying a number of possible arguments - there's a lot of...
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