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  1. Hi Gary, Thanks for your reply.I have...

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for your reply.I have created the fiddle with simple Example.Please Check the fiddle.

    In the above example also i am not able to edit...
  2. ComboBox Paging Toolbar Page Not able to Edit

    Combo Box Paging Tool bar Page Size not able to Edit in Extjs 5

    Windows7,Extjs 5
    defined Store for the combo.
    My Combo Code:

    releaseCombo_RD =Ext.create('Ext.form.ComboBox',...
  3. Problem solved already in the forum. ...

    Problem solved already in the forum.
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    After hide Problem with Collapse all

    Hi Condor,
    your solutions is perfectly working for me but if i apply collapse all functionality then the row which is doesnt have grouping header is hided because of collapse all...
  5. Grouping With Condition in Grid Rows

    How to make Grouping for only grouping count is more than one record.For refrence please look the attachment..i am using extjs 3.1.1..Plz anyboy can help me to resolve this issue..In the attached...
  6. Can u able to give any suggestion for that issue...

    Can u able to give any suggestion for that issue ?...I cant able to upgrade my application..
  7. Thanks Scott

    yeah i know that issue fixed in 4.2 .0 also.before i have developed my application in 4.2 scott but i could not able to fix the cell Editing issue with horiziontal scroll bar if you want you can...
  8. Form Field Reset Enabling field validation in Ie10

    I am using Extjs 4.1.1.
    Issue: Form reset button calling validation of the fields.
    Browser Version:Ie10
    Operating System: Windows 7,
    You can recreate the issue in the following example...
  9. Empty Text Highlighting on select of item from Remote Combo in Ie

    I am using Extjs 4.1.1,In My application if i choose value from remote combo that time fraction of seconds empty text of combo highlighting.Anybody can give some suggestion to solve this...
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    LoadMask Issue

    In my grid i am providing Success alert message and reloading the data store after saving the record successfully.

    To Create mask i am masking following code.

  11. [FIXED] Same issue in 4.2

    (:|:-/....I am using Extjs 4.2.Because of this issue i am not able to complete my application.if anyone got solutions for cell Editing Problem with horizontal scroll bar please suggest some...
  12. Cell Editing With Horizontal Scroll bar

    Hi ,
    :-?..... I am using ExtJS 4.2 in my application.When Horizontal Scroll bar will arise for a grid that time if i try to edit the scrolled cell then the grid getting collapsed and the cell is...
  13. Which ExtJs 4.x Version Stable to develope Application

    Anyone can suggest me to develope application in 4.x.Already i have developed my application in ExtJS 3.0 which is working fine.but i am try to upgrade my application to 4.2.So i am facing...
  14. Thank you for your nice reply

    Hi existdissolve ,

    Thank you for your comments.I have created new fiddle to regenerate the issue..i have given the url below.can you plz give some suggestion.

  15. Issues with 4.2.0 in My Application

    I have started to develope my application ExtJS 4.2 from ExtJs 3.0.I faced lot of problems to upgrade my application.But Still i am not able to find any answer.Here i have provided my test...
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    Slate Theme for 4.2

    I have started to create slate theme using sencha cmd.i have done 30% works.if some one wants then they can start from here.I have overriden classic theme.
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    Filters not Scrolling with Grid

    First of all thank you for the nice plugin.but i am facing some problem when i implement thus plugin.Anyone can guide me plz?
    i am not using layout:fit,so when i scroll the page headers are...
  18. Once again thank for your reply gary.

    I am using 4.2 in my application and have tested the scenario in Ie9 and Ie10.I have tested your sample in that fiddle i have faced the same issue.i have attached the screenshot also.In 4.2 the field...
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    Thank you to given nice Plugin

    I have implemented this plugin in my 4.2 Application.its working well.but i am facing some problem.i have listed below.
    1,its reading the header value like Set Active Flag <font...
  20. Hi Gary

    Thanks for your nice reply..Exactly the same..But i am facing this problem only in IE.

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    Hi Gary

    Thanks for your nice reply gary..Here is my code..

    Consider I have two tabPanel in center of viewport.

    var tabPanelAdmin=Ext.create('',{
  22. Thank you for your nice reply Gary.

    Your sample code is correct gary but add some more columns to exceed the grid width.So that you will get Scrollbar.But i am just using xml store in my application thats all.I have seen some threads...
  23. [FIXED] Scroll bar with Cell Model in Editable Grid

    :-?...Hi,I am using ExtJS 4.2 in my apllication and facing the same problem.i tried with lot solution with help of google but i couldn't. Anyone have Override or plugin for this problem.Please...
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    Slate Theme For Extjs 4.2

    I am using Extjs 4.2 in my application.I need to create slate theme.Anyone can able to give the tips to make Slate theme with easy way
  25. Horizontal Scroollbar issue with cellEditor

    I have grid with CellEditor Plugin.The grid having more than 10 column.So Horizontal Scroll bar arising in browser.If i edit the cell after scrolling the horizontal bar,scroll bar coming...
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