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  1. I have same issue with 3 grids in one container

    I have three grids in one container , first time when you load the page it shows the data in first grid but to see the data in 2nd and 3rd grid I have to click 2 and 3rd tab then I can see the data, ...
  2. Same issue with IE7

    line 18 that is

    if (ProdPortfCache.pages.indexOf(page)>-1) {

    window.ProdPortfCache = {}; ={};
    ProdPortfCache.pages = [];
    ProdPortfCache.init = [];
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    Unit testing for Code EXTJS.4.0.2a

    I saw the project for Unit Testing . Does it work for version EXTJS.4.0.2a?
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    Not Working on IE7

    My application works on FireFox 6.0 + but does not work on IE7. I was looking at forum and found lot comments on comma. Do we have any perfect solution for this?
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    Does not work on IE7

    I get following error

    "isModel" is null or not an object
    ext-all-dev.js Line 65465 Char 9
    code 0
    URI : http:// ...../ext-4.0.2a/ext-all-dev.js
  6. I have the same problem, When I debug through...

    I have the same problem, When I debug through Fire Fox 5. It does skip the proxy block

    type: 'ajax',
  7. EXTJS package is around 128 MB. So When we create...

    EXTJS package is around 128 MB. So When we create war file to be deployed in Tomcat/Weblogic
    So you mean . deployed the source code as war and then copy the EXTJS into lib folder separately.
  8. How to package EXTJS in Tomcat/ Weblogic

    How to install/ package EXTJS in Tomcat/ Weblogic. What should be the directory structure when developing in Eclipse
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