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    I just happend to stumble upon this thread...
    What makes me really angry is the fact, that apart of Mitchell Simoens "yeah. all right. contact the sales team", no Sencha official ever answered or...
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    +1 for standalone ...

    any new on this?
  3. this might be a dup - but still hasnt be fixed in 4.1.3

    Just include the following code in the ext-lang-de.js - and everything will be fine

    Ext.define("", {
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    wow - good to see some many fixed bugs.
    curious to see it work...
    thanks anyway!
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    NOT working for me, too (Ext 4.1.0 GA)
  6. @mort-ext: your override worked for me on form submit!
    for the problem described in my inital post (click event by deselection of a row) I had still to add the delay as proposed by animal
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    +1 for the bugtracker access
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    sure! apreciate that...
  9. not yet - but I will do so and post back...
    Hopefully this will get fixed finally soon.
    Thanks anyway - Thomas
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    Hi guys,

    any news on EXTJSIV-5821?
    See also:

    Is there a time schedule for a RC2 or the final...
  11. just ran into this again... this makes serverside validation and feedback to the user quite painful...
    see also:
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    any chances for EXTJSIV-5748 becoming solved?
    I did not find it under the known issues...
    see details:...
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    any news on that?
    this bug was not mentioned in the release notes unter "known issues"
  14. just set "submitEmptyText" to false in the form action...
    have a look in the API:!/api/Ext.form.action.Action-cfg-submitEmptyText
  15. The loadingText messages of Ext.LoadMask and Ext.view.AbstractView are not localized in the ext-lang-de.js...

    Adding these lines to ext-lang-de.js will do:

  16. Hi Scott,

    you´re right - works in IE/Chrome etc.
    Is this a FF-bug or an FF-related Ext JS-bug?

    Shall I file a bug report for this?
    To have some chances this will be fixed in 4.1 GA...
  17. Just get the store you want to load e.g. by MyItem.getStore() or with the new, cool StoreManager'MyStoreID') perform a load()... and you´ll be done...
  18. using ie8 compatibility mode might or might not be the problem...
    still interesting to know: you can influence the rendering mode in IE with a specific header

  19. Hi there,

    not sure wether this is bug or feature...
    tooltips seem to be only shown on enabled buttons. This is annoying, since the tooltip-information is mostly even more important when a button...
  20. Just found a workaround at least...

    Using the IE Dev Tools I found, that my own css declarations get overriden by some Ext declarations.
    When deleting these lines - IE is styling the toolbar as...
  21. Ok. Could you please classify it as bug then, to make it possible for it beeing fixed in 4.1 GA?!

    This worked in Ext 3.x with all known IE versions (so it cannot be a IE bug)

    I just...
  22. Hi Animal,

    I understand your argumentation and agree from a "technical" standpoint...
    But still, this behaviour in my eyes is unexpected for the user, because he does not willingly bring the...
  23. Thks Aninmal for your reply - but that did not change the issue.
    Same problem with jpg-icon... even a simple backround color (without image at all) is not beeing shown in IE. I conclude, that the...
  24. I just tried with cls:'header-toolbar' ... same problem
    So it cannot be the camelCased CSS class-name
  25. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.0 RC2

    Browser versions tested against:

    FF11 (firebug 1.9.1 installed) - normal behavior
    Chrome 18.0.1025.142 m - normal behavior
    IE7 - broken
    IE8 -...
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