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    Thank you Mitchell for your reply.
    May be in the future can be useful to have even an "hard" delete command beside the soft one.
    I would like not to see the fiddles I deleted.

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    Hi Mitchell.
    Yes, now the first fiddle is erased, but the second one still exists.
    If I try to delete it, the delete operation hangs and never get end. So I have to close the browser window.
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    Hi to all.
    I am trying to delete the following two of my fiddles:

    but without success.
    In fact, every time I...
  4. Hi Evan.
    But the initial value of the variable "v" in the function "convert" should not be null?
    In the case reported by me instead of null value is a null string. This is not a contradiction? ...
  5. Hi to all.
    In Ext 4.2.x I found a bug during the instantiation of a model that contains fields defined with the function "convert". Please refer to fiddle following:
  6. Hi to all.

    Any news about this issue?
    If you need more information about it, please ask me.


  7. Hi to all.
    Please refers to attached Architect 3 project.
    This simple project consists of a very height long panel, wich contains a button in his bottom.
    Now, select that button and then try to...
  8. Hi to all.
    Please refer to the simple attached project.
    The project defines a container with the property "defaultMargins".
    Below is how the whole is defined by Architect 3:

  9. Thank you very much Jason!
  10. Hi to all.
    I did a Architect 3 test project starting it with the 4.1.x framework ExtJs.
    Now I would like to update the project to use the 4.2.x framework ExtJs.
    I tried to find a way to do it but...
  11. Hi Pedro.

    In your fix you used:

    records =;

    But if the store is buffered, you get an error, because in that case is a PageMap object and not a MixedCollection...
  12. Thank you very much Evan for your usefully reply.

  13. Hi to all.

    I encountered this bug that plagues the dynamic loading of modules javascript.
    I have attached an application that allows you to replicate the bug. The execution of this test case,...
  14. Hi to all.
    The current implementation of storeHasSelected store's method in ExtJS 4.2.0 is:


    If the store is buffered, and you reload the data in the store by the load method, you get the...
  15. Hi to all.
    The current implementation of getRejectRecords in ExtJS 4.2.0 is:

    getRejectRecords: function() {
    // Return phantom records + updated records
  16. Hi Mitchell!
    Thank you very much for your kindly reply.
    Ok, I'll use onCreateLabel method.
    But I have still a little doubt. It is not a private method?
    Can I rely on the existence of this method...
  17. Hello to all.
    I have a pie chart and I would like, for each slice of the pie, that the label shows both the name of the slice and its value.
    For example, in my case, the store that feeds the chart...
  18. Hi!

    Animal excuse me, but I have not explained the thing well enough. Unfortunately, English is not my native language and I find it hard to express myself properly with it.
    Now I'll try to...
  19. "Yes, the backing collection of a buffered store is not a MixedCollection, but a PageMap which should implement the same interface."

    Hi Animal.

    But you confirm that this is a bug that should be...
  20. Hi Phil!
    In fact in my project I have just adopted this solution, removing unwanted items from the property "requires" from my own copy of Viewport and I verified that it prevents premature and...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1-gpl

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 22.0.1229.94 m
  22. Hi!

    The viewport "Ulisse.view.UlisseViewport" look like:


    and as you can see (in the tree and in the property editor), it does not uses instances of the views in the project.
    If you...
  23. Hi!
    Thank you very much for your kindly reply.
    I shall soon give you more detailed information.

    In my project the object "Application" references only the controller "Ulisse" and no views:
  24. Hi!.
    I seem to have found a bug in the program.
    I have a project with two controllers and three views.
    The main viewport is created automatically (autoCreateViewport property is true).
    I want...
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