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  1. The backButton config is marked as private for navigation.Bar, it's currently not intended to be modified by user code.

    That being said, you're probably missing the align config on the button...
  2. I don't think there's any bug here. (and shouldn't) be attempting to be parsing locale strings, the parseFloat is just for convenience where numeric types may be returned from...
  3. Flex support has been added to 6.0.1.
  4. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  5. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  6. In which cases are you needing to call getLinks? It's not really supposed to be part of the API, that method is intended to be hidden.
  7. Thanks for the post, this issue is already resolved in the latest nightlies and will be fixed in the next release.
  8. != is not a standard CSS selector, rather it's implemented as an attribute selector in the older, slower, JS engine.

    To query those directly use:

    Ext.dom.Query.jsSelect('tr[class !="war"]')...
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    Check out Ext.util.ClickRepeater. That will handle element clicks/repeated hold. The rest should be pretty trivial.
  10. Another way to do it would be to have 2 chained stores, one that you filter, one that you don't and then leave the source store alone. It's probably better than poking around in the internals.
  11. c.getEl().on('click', function(e){
    }, c, {
    delegate: 'a'
  12. Marking this as closed, we only need the one thread for this, looks like a Cmd issue.
  13. listeners:{
    afterlayout: 'applyMask',
    single: true
  14. There are 2 load methods,

    One that is a static method on the type:

    Registration.model.SessionDetails.load(1, {callback: function() {}});

    One that is for an instance with an id:
  15. The config doesn't mean go ahead and always set the record to dirty. It means allow the record to be marked as dirty if there are any changes (the default). Setting it to false means "these changes...
  16. When you say upgrade, are you using Cmd? If so, what steps did you take?


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    The screencast above is using modern. You'll note that the DOM for buttons in modern is quite different to classic.
  18. There's no bug here. The text element had a style attached to it that sets the font color, which is more specific than setting an inline style on the parent element:

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    I still don't see any issue.

    I followed steps 1 & 2 from my previous post (except changing the requires from classic -> modern).

    I added the code as you suggested, I don't see any issue:...
  20. Thanks for the post, just going to mark this as fixed to avoid any confusion on our side.
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    At this point I don't really know how to move forward.

    Using: Ext 6.0.1, Cmd

    The steps I followed:

    1) Generate an app:
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    Ok, it was a little unclear since in your initial fiddle you had mentioned using FA and the fiddle had the Neptune theme.

    You need to use:

    iconCls: 'pictos pictos-home'
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    Sorry, let me rephrase.

    1) The reason you don't see the icons in your fiddle is because it uses the neptune theme which doesn't require the "font-awesome" package.
    2) The reason (probable) reason...
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    It's likely just a fiddle issue. Does your theme require FontAwesome?

  25. FYI you could replace that switch statement almost entirely with:

    var D = Ext.Date;
    this.vm.set('selectedDate', D.add(selectedDate, D.MONTH, button.value === 'previous' ? -1 : 1);

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