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  1. I'm trying to get a window to fade in when it is show. I've added the following code to an Ext.window.Window subclass:

    beforeShow: function ()
  2. I was using numbers as the key field and discovered that it treats:

    [ "1", "2" ]
    differently than

    [ 1, 2 ]

    So I ended up changing the code like this:

    - value =...
  3. I'm trying to use BoxSelect with extjs
    I have it set up using a DirectStore which loads the drop-down from the back-end.
    When I call loadRecord on the form, setValues is called with a...
  4. I have a web app written in extjs 4.2. It works great on desktop browsers, but on android browsers the response to clicking on a button is painfully slow. I've read google's article about this...
  5. I am loading records with an extDirect data store. I display a record in a form, then call:


    If I have made changes in the form, the record...
  6. I have a form with a comboBox that gets it's data via a DirectStore. The comboBox loads it's data fine, but the problem is it is loaded AFTER I call getForm.loadRecord(), so the value of my record is...
  7. I finally tracked it down. I was calling:

    this.record.commit ();

    record.commit sets the phantom flag to false.
    My comment about record commit said: "gets rid...
  8. Ok, I tracked it down to the updateRecord function in data.Operations:

    updateRecord: function(clientRec, serverRec) {
    // if the client record is not a phantom, make sure the ids...
  9. I see the same problem with 4.2.1.

    Does it make a difference if I configure my proxy in the DirectStore or in my Model? Right now I'm configuring it in the Store.

    What class processed the...
  10. I have an connected to a grid and a form. When I create a new record, I call store.addSorted() which correctly triggers a create message. The reply from the create message is...
  11. I have an app that works with 4.0.2a, but with 4.1.1a the Sprite events are no longer delivered. Did you ever find a better solution? I seems like something is broken.
  12. I have the following code which works with extjs 4.0.2a, but when I run with 4.1.1a, none of the sprite events fire. Any suggestions for what to try?

    this.overlay =...
  13. I was using ext-debug.js. Now I do get an error message if I use ext-all-dev.js.

    In extjs 4.0.x, it was not manditory to create a class in the required file. I was using the required mechanism to...
  14. I'm using extjs 4.1.0 and have noticed a change from extjs 4.0.

    I have an application that works fine. At the start of the app.js file, I have an Ext.require with a list of files. If I add:...
  15. I'm trying to attach a progress bar to a file upload, and I need access to the form's object so I can call getXhrInstance.
    I've looked through the source, but haven't been able...
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    Does Ivanblanc's 4.0 port work with 4.1? Or is there a 4.1 native alternative?
    This is such a great feature, I keep hoping they will make it part of the toolkit.
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    I see there is no installer for Linux for the 2.0 SDK tools.
    Is there still a link where I can download the 1.2.3 tools?
  18. I tried it, and it works! Thanks that's exactly what I was looking for. The documentation for down doesn't mention itemId's. The only references I saw to itemId made it sounds like they only worked...
  19. I looked at itemId as well, but it only works for the immediate children of the container, according to the documentation. I'd like to be able to re-arrange the form, possibly adding fieldsets or...
  20. That's what I was doing, but if I have multiple windows up, each editing a different record, that does not work. #button refers to an id, which needs to be globally unique. down finds the first...
  21. In my application I have a window which contains a tab panel which contains a form, which may contain fieldsets that hold toggle buttons. Here's an example button:

  22. surface.removeAll (true);

    the removeAll function no longer works.

    event handlers on composite sprites no longer fire.

    var comp = Ext.create('Ext.draw.CompositeSprite', {
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    I was able to get it to work by calling the undocumented:

    surface.setViewBox(0, 0, width, height);

    It seems like a bug to me that this is not done automatically when viewBox is true.
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    I create the draw component with an initial place-holder box:

    draw = Ext.create('Ext.draw.Component', {
    id: "MainDraw",
    viewBox: true,
    items: [ {
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    I have a draw component that I update ever time I poll my server. It seems to scale to the first image I draw, but if the updated image is bigger or smaller, it still scales to the size of the first...
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