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  1. Go to the forms example
    Note: this is reproducible with GXT 3.0.6

    Steps :
    1. Open the URL in Chome. Focus to the Comment field. ...
  2. Select marker is not shown for the second radio button in a radio group on tabbing in Chrome & Safari. Go to the forms example
    Note: This...
  3. Hi,

    We have come accross strange behaviour with grid which is placed in vertical container. The issue is, when row is selected , the selection (background color) is not displaying the entire...
  4. Is there a suggested work around for this ?
  5. Thanks for the update, we will try this and get back to you.
  6. This would not work for us as we want to show the dirty marker on change until its saved. Can you provide a time frame for the fix ?

    We have upgraded form GXT 2 to GXT 3. This worked correctly in...
  7. When Placed the Mouse over on any menu items and do Mouse scroll Up/Down , menu items in Menu scroll loosing its focus.

    Steps to follow:
    1. Click on Scroll Menu
    2. Place the mouse on any menu...
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    Is there a Sencha bug number assigned for this ?
  9. Please refer the following link

    Steps to follow:
    1. Go to Inline Editable Grid example.
    2. Click on the Light field...
  10. Hi,
    I have an async Tree Grid and I want to Select a node (or just retrieve it) using the node's path. The problem is that node is not yet loaded to the grid, because the path to it is not...
  11. It seems to be we cannot run gwt devmode with assertions disabled (Source : link ). Assertions are enabled in code level as per the implementation of CompilingClassLoader . I have tried passing -da...
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    Has a gxt 2.x or 3.x user created a wizard and if so, could you post the code to do this? It is not available out of the box.

  13. Hi,

    We have facing issue with PagingToolBar additional menu. To be clear, additional menu is a menu which appears if toolbar size is reduced, to display the widgets as menu item.

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    Is it possible to hide the center panel of a border layout container? If not, can the east and west panels be expanded over the center panel so the right and left borders are touching?

    Thank you.
  15. Issue: If active page is greater then number of pages, last page is not displaying.

    Our Analysis:
    When LoadEvent is fired, handler in PaggingToolBar get executed where method...
  16. Issue : For example
    DateField is not allowing today's date when minimum date is set as today's date and the field is giving error message.
    This is also reproduced in demo application birthday...
  17. Hi,
    Issue: Sort functionality is not working correctly after editing the data in grid.
    We are able to reproduce the issue in GXT3 demo application.

    Demo App URL:...
  18. Hi,
    Scenario: We have requirement that if data in grid is modified and user try to navigate to next/previous page using pagging toolbar button, should show the confirmation dialog. Confirmation
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    Has EXTGWT-2355 been fixed in 3.0.1 or will it be fixed in 3.0.2?
  20. The issue is that even after setting the max value on slider, the slider control does not goes to the end value. This is reproducible with the Sencha provided example. In the case of a vertical...
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    If I use the QuickTip, the tool tip gets shown only on hovering of the text in the cell. What should I do to show a tool tip on hover over of a cell for a particular grid.
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    iadded makes a very good point. We have had several tickets we have opened where the bugs can be demonstrated by Sencha's own provided examples. A number of these have been sitting there for weeks...
  23. There is an issue in the date picker. When we select a date from the date picker and then go to the cell to edit it manually, the date gets parsed leniently and gets shown in the textbox beside the...
  24. We are having the same issue and need to be able to hide the select all checkbox. Has this been fixed in SVN? - Thank you.
  25. In converting from 2.1 to 3.0, we have noticed that the progress indicator when expanding the tree has been removed. Was this intentional? Thank you.
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