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  1. thanks.
    I know how to do:
    Cordova provide a 'build' shell command in /platforms/android/cordova folder, we can execute this command with -release option:

  2. Dear tt88,

    your post is very clear. thanks.
    My problem is how to package a production apk. In the picture you posted, only App-debug.apk exists.

    According to...
  3. Dear fmoseley,

    yes, I followed all steps. but I only found mytestapp-debug.apk in mytestapp/cordova/platforms/android/bin/ folder.

    Coz it don't need me providing certification parameters,I...
  4. I'v read [1]
    and [2]

    I followed all steps in the first guide. I can...
  5. Sencha Cmd version 4.0 and later provides access to Cordova and PhoneGap. You can easily enable or disable access, package an app, and run an emulator or simulator. You can use the Sencha Cmd Cordova...
  6. Replies
    Ruby version 2.0 doesn't work correctly with Sencha Cmd, please use 1.9.3
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