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  1. Hello, I dont hide header checkBox. I`m requiring change behavior to only deselect all records. My first solution is:

    Ext.selection.CheckboxModel.override( {
    onHeaderClick: function(headerCt,...
  2. Helo, I use Ext.selection.CheckboxModel in data grid. How to set header checkbox to only deselect mode (disable select all) ? Is any simple way, or I must override Ext.selection.CheckboxModel and...
  3. My simple workaroun is:
    1, set id on the splitter: id: splitter_id.
    2, after publishing replace id with xtype: splitter, id: splitter_id

  4. Hi, I`m upgrade to new version of architect and when open my project architect remove from my code xtype: 'splitter' from splitter. Code sample

    xtype: 'splitter',
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    Hi, Im override my class because use Sencha Architect for generate application and extended functionality write in overrided class. What's the problem with override classes? In version 4.1.2...
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    Hello, my application works on extjs 4.1.2. When I`m upgrade extjs to 4.1.3 (extjs i have in external war archive), my application not load and running. In console are only one error message "store...
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