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  1. I want my fieldset to be better organized. Just like to divided a form into two column in a table...

    Thanks for your help~
  2. Currently I'm working with a System that user will input the company info. into a database, by which each company has their SN.

    My input form is created so nicely with Ext, and with the help of...
  3. You are my Hero!!

    I've been scratching my head this whole morning, assumed that the form has to be rendered after putting the label elements!
  4. I've problem following your solution, here is my code:

    I've a NumberField for USD, and I want to place the USD label after the input box, such that it would looks like: _________USD

  5. Thank you for your suggestion! :D

    But I found it unsuccessful if I want to put the column inside a fieldset. Is there any other method to have multiple column in a fieldset?
  6. Excellent!!

    Thank you very much~ :D

    Your script helped me a lot!
  7. Other than the method above, any other to hide all the label, semicolon and the textfield?
  8. What I looking for is
    1. the way to put multi-column within a fieldset, and I will have stacked fieldsets
    2. the ability to put 2 related input field side by side.

    Can anybody give me some...
  9. Hi all,

    I'm a newbie to AJAX and Ext, attracted by the power of AJAX, I've decided to learn and transform a developing system using Ext~

    I've read some example, and started to write my script....
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