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    Still interested in getting this resolved.

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    I might not know where to place the code to trap that event. I attempted to place it in the panel's definition, but that didn't seem to do it.

    I placed this inside my initComponent:function()
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    I've been working on a web app for some time now and it is getting pretty close to completion. When my web app loads, it automatically hides the address bar. Sometimes it may reappear depending on...
  4. Where is the list of supported platforms? I looked through the product pages and then through some of the documentation area. I'm sure I'm just overlooking it somewhere. Where is this listed?
  5. vgore,

    I'm not sure if you are saying you got it working or not. If not, continue below...

    What I think is the problem in your case is that you are running the tool from the wrong location. ...
  6. I'm not sure if this should be here or in the Sencha Touch 2 forum.

    Running the 'sencha generate app' doesn't create a collection of files that can be easily opened in Sencha Designer.

    In my...
  7. Initially thought I was running into this problem. I was incorrectly in the Sencha Touch SDK Tools folder, rather than the Sencha-Touch-2.0.0-commercial folder. Both folders have a similar...
  8. First, I'm excited about the new Designer 2.0.

    Suggestions about deploy:
    Usability wise, I got stuck attempting to deploy my project. I thought the red underlining indicated that the path was...
  9. If this were me, I would probably suggest the customer allow me to write everything using jQuery Mobile if they wanted to reach that many different devices.

    There may be functionality missing from...
  10. I bought the ebook version a few days ago and I was happy that it helped me almost immediately with some functionality I didn't even know the framework had.

  11. I created stores for all the components that make up a particular record. So I have several stores holding information. I pass in the record that contains the model with the hasmany associations. ...
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    Did you have:

    var panel =newExt.Panel({
    scroll: true, // <-- Do you have this line????
    dock :'top',
  13. Sending a large amount of data to web service from Sencha Touch. Something that allows me to not send it through a query string? Can I send my data through the header instead?

    I have a store...
  14. Hi there,

    Are you sure that the web service is working? Have you used a tool like Fiddler2 to take Sencha Touch out of the equation and make sure the service is working first?

  15. Looking over this code again, I think it may be using something closer to what you are doing. It appears to create a record partially filled out, loads it into the form and then calls the add...
  16. I work off of example code I find. I'm not sure if I'm always following the Sencha way of doing things. In the examples I found, the form is blank and unloaded(?) and then you populate the new...
  17. I think you may be missing the part where you create an instance of your Model to create the new record. In my save method I have something like the following...

    var record =...
  18. Is there any way to limit the TextArea by cols and rows?

    This post has something along the lines of what I'm looking for, but doesn't appear to be a valid function in Sencha Touch....
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    So, looking at this further I have attempted some additional troubleshooting to try figuring out the problem with this.

    I started removing cards from the tabpanel to see if one specific card was...
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    Andriod 2.3.3 on HTC Evo 4G

    My Xoom tablet running Android 3.2.2 doesn't appear to have the problem
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    I have a tabPanel with 4 tabs. If I click them in order(tab1->tab2->tab3->tab4) they display okay. But if I click on the 4th tab and then click on the 2nd tab, part of the 3rd tab appears over the...
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    From an architecture standpoint I liked the following example for my app.

    I used this code as a starting point for my config settings:...
  23. I'll attempt to read into your answer here...

    So... since the data is held in other temporary stores, in memory, calling the add function on a record WILL NOT copy over the data from the other...
  24. I'm working with the example, but I'm trying to add an additional level of complexity to it.

  25. Did you use the Kindle Fire's default browser? I haven't used the device yet, but was wondering the same thing. I'm assuming the browser is Silk.

    This guy believes they are basing it off webkit...
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