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    I too faced the similar problem. got it working through Jquery animation.
    Code Snippet

    var panel = Ext.getCmp('test'); //initially hidden...
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    I am loading 500 records and have 14 columns in the grid in my App.The time between after getting response and showing data is 10-11 seconds.In other words parsing time of Json string is...
  3. Hi,

    Do search plugin doesnt work for date fields.
    I am using the latest devel version

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    I am using exjs cookie provider for building cookies and i am saving multiple values in various cookies(since too may values r to be stored).I ran into to problem that my http request header...
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    Is it possible to create more than one cookie through extjs cookie provider. Sample code

    var cookieOne = new Ext.state.CookieProvider({

    var cookieTwo =...
  6. Hi,

    I have jsonstring from which i want to create type to populate grid externally.Only method i found was
    create method but it takes array as parameter,for it to work will need...
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    Hi Suresh,

    We are integrating struts 1.1 and ExtJs.
    Can you please send the sample code to my email . Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks,

    Ya i am aware of size is there any way to check the size dynamically.
  9. Hi,

    I have 4 top level tabs followed by 2 second level tabs which makes total of 8 pages.
    All pages are loaded at start up time.

    I am using cookie provided by Ext cookie provider

    var cookie...
  10. Hi,

    In example
    if I reorder columns the plugin
    not function properly. Is it a known bug I have searched but could'nt found...
  11. solved,

    I forgot to add editor field in my column model.......
  12. Hi,

    I am not able to attach screenshot its throwing error (text error) btw can u tell me whether row editor plugin works
    properly for local array store or not...

    problem is when i double click...
  13. Hi,

    I am using row editor pluging when i click on any cell of click for editing it is not behaving properly

    plz refer to screen shot
  14. i forgot to add 1 more change....

    after debugging i found that if i press clear button before searching it works fine every time so if have added this
    but still it sometimes doesnt work
  15. Thanks for the reply ...
    this is how i implemented..

    also i have implemented auto state maintainence....for menu

    var gridStateId = this.grid.stateId; = new{...
  16. Hi, great Plugin!!!
    i have a case when i hide a column in grid in that event i uncheck checkbox menu of search and it doesnt show the data for same column on search, but
    similarly,when i show the...
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    thanks condor for your reply,
    My question is in the example
    i want the industry column sorted as well like when i click on industry...
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    I am using Ext 3.x . Is there any way to sort the grouped column as well as content of group column like in example .I want to...
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