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  1. In ExtJS 4 Image Viewer Example, how can I make the image title become a link and will alert the node's viewIndex property?
  2. How can I filter a store with a japanese text as value?

    Something like this does not work,

    MyStore.filter('Title', /カ/)

    nor does this work

    MyStore.filter('Title', /カ/)
  3. All you need is firebug to do the debugging. Instantiate the store so you can use it. It's been answered many times here I guess.
  4. Finally found the solution! Looks like I'm going to buy licenses soon. Hard work pays off. Now I can build almost any web app. :)
  5. Hi,

    Can somebody point me to the right direction? I have been searching google and the forums and have also been using firebug but still can't find the answer.

    I created a store in Ext Designer...
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