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  1. Ext.getCmp('selconWPanel').getRootNode().cascade(function(n){
    var ui = n.getUI();
  2. OMG! Who can help? I've waited so long. Nobody knows?
  3. sorry, the images above are not clear.
    the selected is the record just uploaded. others are unreadable characters because document with Chinese name was uploaded too.
    here's an EDIT...
  4. hi, thanks for your help. here's some images shows what had happened.

    fill the form and select a document with Chinese name"EPM二期用户手册V0.1.0.doc".

    upload the file successfully....
  5. Replies
    what you mean pagination tree?
    here is an example to create tree hope it helps.
  6. hello, there's a problem annoying me a long time. i used a filefield in a form panel(EXT4.0).But, all the none-English characters became unreadable, something like '?o??????¨??·??????'.
    here's my...
  7. Hi, i found there's no button in date select panel in Ext js 4.0.3 when i use zh_CN.js.
    just as above, button 'ok' and 'cancel' were lost!
    by the way, the...
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