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    Slate is my favorite theme from Ext 3.x, it would be great if it was ported to Ext JS 4.2.x!!
  2. Hi burnnat - Thanks for responding.

    Yes, I am talking about graphic images such as the date triggers (date-trigger.gif).

    I can visualize how the gradients, masks or overlays of color on images...
  3. I have extended the ext-theme-classic, set the $base-color, and compiled. The coloring works nicely, except for images. They are still light-blue as per classic. How do I change this?

  4. Thanks for responding!

    Why: Because I don't want to deploy a bunch of stuff that's not used. And, I don't like waiting for things to compile that I will not use, it slows down my...
  5. I am using Sencha CMD to build themes from Ext JS 4.2.1.
    The default is to generate 'standard' css and images, plus the RTL equivalents.
    I don't want the RTL css and images, nor the debug css....
  6. Change from 'app' to 'ant' as discussed here:

    Also, the path to the sencha-touch directory is hard coded into the app at several points. ...
  7. Using SenchaCmd- and sencha-touch-2.1.0

    Build of the sample app fails with error:

    sencha -sdk /opt/www/sencha-touch-2.1.0 generate app MyApp ./MyApp
    cd MyApp
    sencha -sdk...
  8. Had same issue.

    You don't need the Sencha-Touch-SDK as the Sencha-CMD replaces it.

    Delete the SDK and install CMD as per the documentation.

    For the 'sencha' command use the -sdk flag to tell...
  9. I gave up on the SDK.

    I installed CMD.

    That works.

  10. Thanks @tnickl

    MS Windows is not my favorite thing. More of a Unix/Linux fan. As Mac OS is essentially BSD Unix, it should be reasonable for Sencha team to get the basics working under Linux. ...
  11. The set up:

    # cd /opt/SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3
    # export PATH=/opt/SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3:$PATH
    # export SENCHA_SDK_TOOLS_2_0_0_BETA3="/opt/SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3"
    # sencha

  12. mystix, Thank you for the link to the css.

    jsakalos, I agree that there should ba a visual aid to indicate field focus.

    However, the Mozilla selection/outline box does not match the Ext-style...
  13. Trying the latest XCheckbox code from here:

    With ExtJS 2.2. And Firefox 3.0.

    And I got some visual oddness, looks like the...
  14. 1) Using Ext 2.1, ext-base.js, ext-all-debug.js, and the anchoring.js example.

    2) Change the textarea field to an htmleditor.

    3) Paste in a moderate amount of text, say 20 paragraphs:

  15. I have a window that has a layout of 'fit, and a panel that has a layout of 'table'. I need the table layout to get the panel compents to be in the desired place. However, when a user resizes the...
  16. We had a problem with form getValues and the id for the field not being returned. Giving the field a name fixed the problem.

    xtype: 'xcheckbox',
    id: 'myfield',
    name: 'myfield'
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