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    Thanks for your response

    If I remove the check the menu vanished even if I move mouse from one item to another. Similarly If I move mouse into the submenu the menu vanished.

    The root cause...
  2. I have used following code snipnet:-

    //aboutUSItem is an Item class object

    aboutUSItem.on("activate", customMenubarActivate);
    aboutUSItem.on("deactivate", customMenubarDeactivate);
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    Hi All,

    I am trying to implement menu hide functionality on mouseout. I am using "mouseout" event to do the same. I am hiding menu by using -

    //m is menu
    if (!m.activeItem &&...
  4. Hi All,

    I have started using Ext and liked it very much. I am creating a menu bar using Ext. I have achieved some good functionalities using menubar from user communities.

    Now I want to change...
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    Well I took some time in reading this thread. The menubar is an excellent tool.

    I was wondering, do we have any workaround to display the menu on mouseover. The code which is available here, will...
  6. Thanks devnull for your response,

    My requirements clearly need mouseOver, I am not able to show menu on mouseOver. Can you guide me for showing menu on mouseOver.
  7. Thanks Evant for your reply.

    I am sorry but this piece of code did not helped me. I am not able to see showMenu function in button class. Do I need to code that function ?
  8. Hi All,

    I am newbee in EXT. I am trying to create a DHTML Menu using EXT toolbar. The menu bar seems to be working fine except that the menus are opened only on "onclick" event. Ideally the menu...
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