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  1. I just tested this with SenchaCmd 3.0 GA ( and with Ext JS 4.1.3.

    - Problem #1 no longer occurs, so that is fixed.
    - Problem #2 is still there though....
  2. This has not been my experience. Although the docs say that "enabled" is false by default, I am finding that this is not the case and I have to explicitly turn it off...Furthermore, loader should be...
  3. Don

    I cannot really post my app here (for obvious reasons).
    I could in the ticket system - would that work?
  4. I just tested with SenchaCmd and Ext JS 4.1.3 and the issues still persist.:(
  5. Don

    Thanks for replying.
    I tried v3.0.0.201 and both problems still persist.
    Since the linked thread (see above) mentioned that this could be issue related to Ext JS itself, I filed support...
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    "Cmd will not have it when you build" - I am not sure what you mean by that....
    When you use "sencha generate app" the bootstrap.js is generated, and when you issue "sencha app refresh" it is...
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    I don't mean to be rude but have you even read my original post and the questions in it?
    I appreciate all the help you and others provide but sometimes I feel posts are being replied to...
  8. Can anyone from Sencha team comment on this please?
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    I was referring to bootstrap.js generated by SenchaCmd not the one that comes with Ext JS.
    What you describe in your reply is bootstrap.js that comes with Ext JS distro I believe...
  10. Thanks! Hopefully soon :)
  11. Refreshing bootstrap.js didn't solve the issue either.
    What I don't understand is why the Loader is throwing these errors even for production, "all in one" file. I even explicitly disabled the...
  12. I did that too, and am still getting errors.
    [Ext.Loader] Failed loading 'Ext/app/Application.js'
  13. The issue you describe in your linked thread is exactly what I am experiencing as well, but your proposed fix (commenting out if statement block on line 392 of ./src/core/src/class/Loader.js) did not...
  14. Curious, if it is by design, why make it more restrictive than what the framework offers?
  15. I have a Sencha Architect 2.1 (SA21) project that I am trying to compile with SenchaCmd.
    The structure of the project is as following:

  16. If I manually edit Architect file (e.g. app.js) I can add wildcard requires, but I cannot do it in Architect.
    Is that by design or a bug?


    requires: [
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    I have been trying to get SenchaCmd working on my project and am trying to understand the role of the bootstrap.js file...Documentation specifies that:

    This file will give the framework the same...
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    It turns out you can add individual .js files to class path, so just include "app.js" in the list of comma separated items in classpath
  19. Ok the docs weren't clear and I though only folders are supported, but adding a single file to classpach seems to work (checking it now...)

    sencha compile...
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    Is there any way to specify SenchaCmd to "pick up" app.js file which is outside of /app folder.
    Let's say I have:

  21. It is certainly good to hear this, as the workflow right now is not optimal....
    Why not put all application files under /app and be done with it :)
    I have been fighting SenchaCmd to compile my...
  22. Is there any way to "sync" folder structure created by Architect with the one that SenchaCmd creates?
    - SenchaCmd creates folder /app and all JS fildes are in it (including app.js) while Architect...
  23. I don't mean to be rude, but your reply is obvious :)

    Is this something that is considered for future releases or, if not, can this thread be moved to feature requests.

  24. In SA 21, I see that "Class" can be added under model, store, view, or controller nodes...

    But why not under App node also?
    Lets say I have MyApp.util.Formatter which, bu convention would...
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    Any chance on how to use this with Ext JS MVC app?
    A small example perhaps...

    Also, you may want to send a pull request to author to include this in:...
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