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    It works fine only with jquery and the jquery form plugin :)

    I try to realize my website only with jquery first. Maybe I later add extjs for example for the Layout pr the dialogs...

    Thanks for...
  2. I use the complex layout and would:

    Add a navigation bar (a "simple" (title) bar between north and center?
    Is it possible to auto-resize the region north? (height, withour scrollbar)
  3. An jquery examle which works (from history addon):

    // PageLoad function
    // This function is called when:
    // 1. after calling $.historyInit();
    // 2. after calling...
  4. Your example also doesn't work. I dont know why. The same error mesage...

    Can I write "normal" functions and use this functions as callbacks for events?

    Sorry for my bad English.
  5. Ok, but why this code works fine?

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var paragraphClicked = function (e) {
    var paragraph = Ext.get(;

  6. The posted code (and more similar code) is between

    Ext.onReady(function() {

  7. I have an error and don't understand it...

    Ext.get("myButton") has no properties
    (no name)()functions.js (line 83)
    Observable()ext-all.js (line 15)
    EventManager()ext-all.js (line 17)
  8. :">
    That's really simple....

    Thanks! I thinks that's it...
    I test it now
  9. I have tested some ajax calls with method get, but how can I send a request with post parameters?

    And where can I read some about the parameters from methods like ".load"? I don't mean the...
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    Ok, but I use a jquery style-switcher. I switch between the three themes and a styled form doesn't change...
    I hoped that the form also use the styles and so change also.

    Sorry for my bad...
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    Hi and thanks for your answer!

    I use the complex layout fpr my website and all backgrounds are white.
    I added a form from a example "x-form", but it isn't in the right style.

    I mean for...
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    How can I create forms and so on which use the current Style (aero, vista,...)?
    With grids a haven't test it.
    I try to create a ext/ jquery webpage in one style...
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    I'm try to learn to use extjs...
    But I have some problems.

    How can I submit a form without a reload with extjs?
    I have a nice extjs form, but without a submit-Button...

    remote file:...
  14. A friend send me a link:

    It's simple and works fine for me :)
  15. Thank you for your answer :D
  16. Hi,

    I'm test the extjs framework since 2 or 3 days. It is great!!! Thanks for it!

    I checked the css with the and get some errors in the files ext_all.css and...
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