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  1. I am just wondering if you guys work on bug fixes in the order they are found? Just wondering because it has been 2 months and this is still an open issues and one I would really like to see fixed...
  2. I want to get some information from the item tapped then update the store with some different params. Looking at the source it seems that nothing is called before the store is loaded. I need to...
  3. Is this the same issues I am having? If so this is a bug then and will be happy to know if there are any hacks before the 1.0.1 release....
  4. An I the only one that has wanted to do this? It seems that this would be a common occurrence. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I have been fighting with this for a few days now and after doing some testing I am not sure if it is a bug or me so I would love if someone could comment on this code. What I am trying to do is on...
  6. I see that autoLoad does not exist in the Panel component for touch and was wondering if someone could suggest the easiest way to load a html content into the body.

    something so I could do:
    var p...
  7. Bump! I think Animal has provided the needed information to make this an official bug.
  8. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2.0

    Adapter used:

  9. There is a z-index issue with the joint between the tabs and the body

    Go to offical example:

    Go to the dashboard tab and click...
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    ComponentMgr has a link in createType to ptype and the link is bad. I think Ext.component needs to be Ext.Component for it to work correctly.
  11. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.1

    Adapter used:

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    Can you add me to the ExtJS wave?
  13. Using Ext Core 3

    If I try to use template.from(...) it does not like anything in the href tag.

  14. I have looked through a lot through in the forum but was not able to find a simple way to bind a ext component to a tree column.

    I was hoping someone could tell me how to bind the new object as...
  15. I tried to use ux-all and got the x-a11y-focusable effects of blue borders around everything. I was hoping to be able to just include all the ux libraries but got this as a major side effect. I...
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    That is exactly what I was looking for and will help me out a great deal.

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    Is there a reason the Ext.Ajax does not natively support cross domain requests in the core?
    I normally do a lot of mashups with other webservices and it would be great if core supported the...
  18. Well anyone not at the conf like me and want the play by play it looks to be going on.
    Try this:
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    Well I imagine they are all sleeping right now since it is 4:30 at this very moment. I have a feeling that the big press release will be either today or tomorrow but that is me just interpreting the...
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    This is defiantly not fair. I wish I could have made it to the conference but in Spain and too far. I hope all of you have fun and I look forward to catching the next conference and meeting all of...
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    It seems there is no reference to:

    I see in Class Ext.form.TextField a comment in
    Keypress input field event. This event only fires if...
  22. Things looks good on my apps.
    Nice to have a updated version running.
    One little think I noticed was the cachefly was using the below link

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"...
  23. I have not had the time to maintain this project and I see that temporary wants to take the project over so if you start a new thread I will post something in the first post to point to the new Flash...
  24. I will do what I can to update my version to work with temporary Flash 10 version but it will be a week or 2.

    The best thing I can say for now is work with what temporary has posted....
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    I would be interested in attending a conference if I am in the country during that time. I also would not mind talking about the project(s) SilverBiology have created and some of the issues we have...
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