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  1. right now there is 3 columns, But I want to show only 2 colums
    code is as below
    Portal mainCenterPortal = new Portal(3);

    private Widget getUserPortlate() {
  2. Thanks
  3. yes, i want to show tooltip to whole parent row
  4. I want to show tooltip only to parent node of my treepane when i mouse over to it,
    how do i code for this condition

    below is my code -

    tree = new TreePanel<BaseTreeModel>(store);
  5. Thanks, it's working for me
  6. Thanks for reply, it is working fine in IE, but not working in FF 3.5.3

    what i can do for ff

    vijay patil
  7. how I can achive that in ext-gwt, please help
  8. I have this code - working in IE but not working for Fire fox
    In Fire fox it shows - [object HTMLLabelElement] Title:
    ============== textWrap =...
  9. when portlet is collapsed that time i want diff. tooltip and when portlet is not collapsed that time i want diff. tooltip,

    how i can achive that

    please explain with sample code

    I am try to...
  10. Need to show pop up window on mouse position - how i can do that in gwt

    Thanks and Regards
    Vijay patil
  11. need to add context menu on gwt chart and want to print that char - how i can do that

    need help

    Thanks and Regards
    Vijay Patil
  12. how can i do that in ext-gwt(gxt)

    please help me for that (sample examples and code)

    Thanks and Regards
    Vijay Patil
  13. how i can do that in gwt - (gxt)

    Need sample code for that.
  14. I have report list in west region in tree with checkboxes and I have portal in center region.

    I have functionality - when i click on chechbox in report list in west region new portlet is opened in...
  15. wating for reply - ;)
  16. Need to show context menu on right click of portlet

    how i do that, please help.

    below is my code -

    final Portlet portlet = new Portlet();

  17. I want resizable window and when i resize window form vertical scroll should be removed.

    code as below -


    final Window window = new Window();
  18. I have portlets in portal in center region - want to resize them depending on browser resolution

    how can i do that

    want to resize this portlets as per resolution

    vijay patil
  19. I have window as below -

    final Window window = new Window();

    I need to add tooltip only to close image of window.

    I have portlet as below -
  20. my code as below -

    configForm = new FormPanel();

    reportname = new TextField<String>();
  21. want to show loading msg. when my viewport - border layout loads

    - how can i show loading message to my GWT viewport layout before loading

    please help.

  22. Thank you very much
  23. I have tree in west region, and i have set west.setScrollMode(Scroll.AUTO);

    when tree height is more then west regoin gets vertical scroll in fire fox which is correct,

    but in IE-7 west...
  24. how to add maximize and close buttons to portlettes in gwt (gxt 2.2.3)

    please help
  25. Thanks for this Plugin - Thank you very much
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