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  1. Thank you!

    I alredy solved it, exactly like this!
  2. Subj!
    I need to send surface as image to server? Are there any ways?
  3. "<div class='picdivright' style='top:100px; left:450px;'><img id='pic2' src='pic/02.png' onMouseDown='showFunc()'/></div>"
  4. Hi!
    I need some help with sencha touch.
    I make simple web application for iPad and there is a problem.

    I have 2 textareafield and 2 buttons-pictures.

    When I click on the text box keyboard is...
  5. at first, sorry for my eng and js knowledge.

    i solve this problem by adding lib\src to my project

    Why it doesn't work from springboard without this folder, but in the same time greats work from...
  6. i have this code - requires field is here, but white screen

    name: 'Slides',
    isIconPrecomposed: false,
    requires: ['Ext.form.Panel','Ext.Carousel'],

  7. is there any news?
    I've got the same bug on my iPad 1 gen.
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