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  1. Looks like the only way to handle it is by using
  2. In ExtJS 4.1.3 ext-all-dev raises exception when trying to add a record to the buffered store. Is there a reason why adding records is bad practice? Should insert​ be used instead?
  3. Root of the behavior you seeing is the fact that ActionColumn is only one object. It uses the last value that been set when grid rendered, in your case last value of disabled was true and handler is...
  4. Here are the steps to get things rolling on OSX with the latest Xcode:
    * Install Xcode from App Store
    * Start Xcode, go to Preferences > Downloads > Components and install Command Line Tools
  5. You need to rebuild ruby after installing Xcode, do

    rvm reinstall ruby-1.9.3
  6. You can use Ext.create to create as many instances as you need, for example:

    Ext.define('', {....});
    storeA = Ext.create('', {storeId: 'A'});
    storeB =...
  7. To reuse the same store with multiple components just refer to it by name like this:
    Assuming you have store Sample defined

    Ext.define('', {...});

    You can refer to it in...
  8. JSDuck 4.0.0 works fine on Mountain Lion.
    My setup:
    X-Code + Command Line Tools (no GCC)
    RVM + Ruby 1.9.3-p194
  9. I use model.set with buffered store with no issue. You probably hitting an edge case and will need to post code sample.
  10. You will need to do it dynamically when your textfield is set, not through Store configuration.
  11. You can set extraParams

    Ext.getStore('Users').getProxy().extraParams.aParamYouSendToServer = yourField.getValue();

    Just keep in mind that aParamYouSendToServer will be sent with every request...
  12. With the move to 4.1 jsduck can be made iframe-friendly by setting
    Ext.util.History.useTopWindow = false Works like a charm!

    Thank you for all hard work you put into it!
  13. Looks like GridPanel doesn't fire activate event even though documentation states that it does. Is it a bug or relying on activate is just a bad practice?
  14. This does the trick. Thank you Animal!
  15. When using GroupingSummary, sum of the column with all values as 0 will appear as " " ('\u00a0' to be exact) instead of 0. Is this a bug or a feature?
  16. What should be the recommended approach to handle passing extra parameters with load/loadPage for buffered store? If I do
    store.loadPage(1, {params:{ something: 'else' }}) something=else passed to...
  17. How about

    delete store.getProxy().extraParams.includes
  18. I'm running into "PageMap asked for range which it does not have" error. Simplest way to reproduce is to set Store pageSize to 50 in infinite-scroll-grid-tuner and click on column header to sort.
  19. Thank you for fixing it! Works as expected in nightly 20120403.
  20. Scrolling using keyboard arrows with Grid that has RowEditing plugin is broken. When scrolling up or down, row selector would go out of view without grid content scrolling. Scrolling works as...
  21. Is there a way to run generated app in iframe? When I tried, it was changing url of the parent window and navigation didn't work.
  22. Make sure you are using ext-all.css from 4.1b1, and not from previous version.
  23. Replies
    Works here with 4.1 beta 1.

    viewConfig: {
    emptyText: 'No records to show'

    When store is empty, shows "No records to show"
  24. In 4.1 beta 1, when new record added to the store or updated, values returned by server for fields with persist set to false will be ignored. Based on the comments in source code, it seems like a new...
  25. Quick and dirty way:

    editor: {
    xtype: 'checkbox',
    style: {
    textAlign: 'center'
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