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  1. Hello,

    thanks for this response! Sounds really nice. By the way, sorry for this late response, but my time for this project is currently very limited.
    I will try this out and report back as...
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    By "files get loaded in Chrome" I mean
    1) I can see the files being downloaded by chrome (in the chrome developer tools' network tab)
    2) The constructor being called...
  3. Thanks for this test project.
    I wonder if you get the following error too:

    This comes up whenever I click on MyDataView1 (Design view) in the project inspector
    The project works fine in...
  4. Hello,

    i ran into another problem. Again, it's something that relates to plugins/custom components.
    I really can't figure out how to get the drop down menu plugin shown in my app.

    I'm talking...
  5. Hello,

    it works now.


    requires: [
  6. Hello,

    thanks for the answer.

    1) yes

    2) the resource Transform.js is used by PinchZoomImage.js.
  7. Hello,

    I'm still struggling with this problem.
    Has anyone got an idea what could cause this problem?

    Maybe something I need to know when trying to instantiate those custom components in...
  8. Thanks for the reply. If I understood you correctly, that's what I did.
    Here is another picture for clarification:
  9. Hello,

    I found out why createAlias was not showing up:

    Apparently you have to add a...
  10. Hello guys,

    how can I instantiate a class from a resource in Architect?
    Architect Version: Version: 2.2.2 Build: 971

    I downloaded the Pinch Zoom Image component from the Market...
  11. Thanks for the fast response!
    What's the right place to implement that logic? I mean, when will this code be called?
    Sorry, this is probably a stupid question but I'm just getting into Architect /...
  12. Oh I see. That's unfortunate. Its a main functionality in my app.
    Can you elaborate on that device type checks?
    I'm kinda unsure what do you mean/hint to.. :-/

  13. Hello,

    I'm trying to implement two device profiles (Phone, Tablet) and I've most likely found a guide that matches my needs, but I have trouble following this guide with Architect. The article I...
  14. Now that was fast and easy.
  15. Hello,

    i've downloaded the newest version of Sencha Architect (which also includes the framework update).
    When i load up my old project, Architect asks me whether the project should updated or...
  16. Okay, apparently the cfg waitMsg have been removed in 2.1.x
    I commented out that line and it works..
  17. Hello everyone,

    i've got trouble with submitting my login form. I want to submit the login data to a local .jsp file which is located in the same folder. I am using Sencha Architect, if that...
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