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  1. Great, that works fine.
    Since I have many different requests in my application, I can't handle all the exceptions in the same way. I have to delegate the handling to the request proxy.

    Here is...
  2. Nobody???
    Or is it so obvious that the ExtJS Gods cannot be bothered :-) ?
  3. Hello,
    I have a JSON store that gets data from a remote server through a PHP script. Sometimes the script throws errors and therefore the Store fails to load. I would like to control that from the...
  4. Hello,
    I have tried this but for some reason the line

    var viewNode =;

    in the setNodeVisible method is not returning anything for most of the records...
  5. This is great stuff. I see that the TreeStore cannot be filtered. Is there any way we could filter the tree view as the user types into the field text box?
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    Does anyone have an implementation of this in 4.x?
  7. Is this supposed to help? I am interested in duplicating several fields at a time. How would this be done?
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    Hello, anyone has an answer to any of the above?
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    Two questions:
    -How do I add items to a list filter options and then refresh the view to ensure the new items are included?
    -How do I dynamically check/uncheck options in the list?
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    Thanks, that worked like a breeze...
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    I am not sure I understand how these two links apply to my question.
    Anyway, I have observed that everytime I tick a box in the list, my store is reloaded with a POST request.
    I can easily modify...
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    I managed to get the list filter appearing with the right options. However, when I tick the boxes I get the 'Loading data' message, but the table is not filtered.
    I tried to debug the code,...
  13. So, has anyone figured out how to get the animation working?
  14. Here's my code:

    var store = new{
    url: MyJSON.json',
    fields: [{name:'COUNTRY', type:'string'}, {name:'COUNT', type:'int'}],
  15. Can anyone post an example of a chart other than pie using a JSONStore? the pie chart works fine, but I can't figure out how to do the same with other chart types.
    Thanks in advance
  16. Hello,
    Has anyone figured out how to get the animation working in this plugin?
  17. I modified the example in to get JSON data from a PHP script, but once the data is loaded, only the legend shows up and the pie chart is missing. Does...
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