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  1. I should add that if I set fp panel to west and the label panel to center, the problem disappears. Of course, the panels also don't resize to the browser width.

    var pnl = new Ext.Panel({
  2. I have a fileUpload:true panel which is hosted along with other panels in a column layout.

    In IE6, the panel renders correctly on initial load. However, if the browser window is then maximized and...
  3. Thanks Saki. I took a shortcut instead of defining a config param for it.

    // edited: using this textItem instead of a menu
    var searchItem = new{
  4. Is there a way to disable column selection altogether? I'd prefer the plugin to just display "Search" as a label instead of a menu.

  5. I have a panel with 2 column form containing 7 fields, each of whom have tabIndex set from 1 through 7, and id config set via

    User can display a popup window over this panel and the...
  6. The problem is in margin and migration panels, both of which display 3 grids stacked north to south but rendered in border layout nested panels in center and south regions.

    The reason for this...
  7. Thanks for bearing with me, Animal.

    So, shouldn't the tabPanel and ViewPort in the code below be managing the size? Or am I not understanding what "size-managing layout" means at all?

  8. So is my nesting wrong or I shouldn't nest at all, relying on north-center-south regions in a border layout instead?

  9. Ok, another try. With the setHeight call below, the panel frame doesn't shrink as the attached screenshot shows. Once I grab the splitter bar above "Status Reports", it resizes correctly.

  10. I'm not sure if I understand what no-layout panel means, Animal, sorry.

    If you look at the original post in this thread, I'm using center and south regions in a border layout to create an inner...
  11. I added an event so that I could manually check the height of the panels when the tab is activated. However, getSize() and getFrameHeight() etc. aren't returning anything. Am I doing something...
  12. Any hints here folks?

  13. I have a tab panel where 2 of the tabs contains a layout which shows 3 grids top to bottom as defined by code below.

    If the user

    starts in a non-maximized browser and
    resizes the top panel...
  14. It seems the following code fixes the Tab and Select problem for IE 6. But I still don't understand why the CSS on the 1st row is incorrect. Any hints on how to force the selected css on the 1st row...
  15. I'm using a combo bound to a XTemplate which fills the data after querying teh server as the user is typing in chars.

    The problems

    a) In IE6, the 1st row css is not correct. In FF, once the...
  16. I have a grid with RowExpander in place to display nested rows. The grid also has doubleclick handlers to display a popup.

    The problem is that if the user clicks expand and then collapse in quick...
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    Can the height be enforced from the resize event somehow then? I tried setHeight but it didn't seem to work.

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    Any hints folks?

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    I have 3 panels stacked top to bottom with the following layout. As the browser height is decreased, the center panel ends up disappearing from view as the south panels "push" up.

    Is there a way...
  20. Thank you Condor. Using new Ext.Button worked.
  21. I'm trying to have a generic function which renders an excel export icon in the pagingBar of a grid so the caller can handle the click event themselves. However, I'm not seeing the id being set in...
  22. Ah, I'd missed the 0 font-size. Thanks much, Condor.
  23. Well, according to FF, the td is getting rendered but the text isn't visible. Am I missing some css here?


    listeners: {
    render: function(cmp) {
  24. I'm trying to display a mailto href in a window's footer so that it displays on the left while the buttons align to the right. But i'm not having any luck.

    Any ideas how I can get the display to...
  25. Thanks.. I'm using ASP.Net and have confirmed that the Json contains the correct value.
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